Can’t use your iPhone to connect your laptop to the internet? 8 ways to solve the problem



We sometimes get into situations where we need to connect our laptop to the internet to do a job while we are away from home, and if there is no nearby Wi-Fi available, we can simply connect the internet to the laptop using our mobile internet or Personal Hotspot.

But if you own an iPhone, you may notice that it may let you down sometimes, as you cannot connect the Internet to your laptop.

In this case, do not worry, this is a common problem and the solutions are simple, we will review it for you in this report:

How to connect internet to laptop from iPhone

For a Personal Hotspot to work, the telephone network service provider must support it, and the technology to operate the service itself can be a bit tricky.

If you’re having trouble turning on the hotspot on your iPhone, here are eight tips to fix the problem, according toBusiness Insider :

1. Make sure that your mobile network service provider supports the hotspot on your Apple devices

If you are trying to use the hotspot for the first time on a particular iPhone, it is best to check first if your mobile network service package supports the operation of the hotspot.

Not all mobile network services provide this capability (though most do support the hotspot feature). Your mobile network service may not allow your mobile network data on your iPhone to be shared with other devices.

To make sure, open Settings and tap on Hotspot . If the settings are disabled or a message appears asking you to contact your phone network service provider, contact customer service to discuss the possibility of upgrading your package so that the service allows you to operate the hotspot.

Make sure the hotspot is turned on

If your service provider allows sharing of mobile network data through a telephone hotspot, first make sure that the feature is turned on.

1. Open Settings .

2. Click on the hotspot .

3. Make sure Allow others to join by swiping the button to the right is turned on.

4. If you want, you can customize the Wi-Fi password from the same menu.

3. Make sure that Airplane Mode is not enabled

If you misplace your phone on airplane mode, the hotspot will crash and you won’t be able to select it; In fact, your phone will behave as if your telephone service provider does not support telephone hotspots. Swipe the Control Center down from the top of the screen to make sure that Airplane mode is turned off.

4. Turn on Wi-Fi on the device to be connected to the hotspot

When the phone hotspot is turned on and it doesn’t appear in the list of Wi-Fi networks on the laptop or device you want to connect to the hotspot, you can turn off Wi-Fi on the device you want to connect to the hotspot and then turn it back on. You can do this by disabling Wi-Fi directly and then turning it on, or by activating and then disabling Airplane mode. In many cases, the device will be able to find the hotspot after re-enable Wi-Fi connections on the device.

5. Improved compatibility on iPhone 12

You may need to adjust another setting on your devices in order to see and connect to the hotspot properly. If you have an iPhone 12 and the hotspot is not working, open Settings and tap on Hotspot .

Then, at the bottom of the page, you can enable Optimize Compatibility by swiping the button to the right. This fixes issues that sometimes hinder the iPhone 12’s ability to share 5G networks.

6. Restart all devices

Sometimes, hardware restart is required to activate the hotspot. Restart your phone and any other devices you are trying to connect to the phone hotspot. When all devices restart, make sure the hotspot is enabled and try connecting to it again.

7. Try a different connection method

You might be surprised to know that there are many ways to connect devices to the mobile network of your iPhone; In addition to connecting to the network via Wi-Fi (the common method), you can also connect to the network via Bluetooth or a USB cable . You can use any of the other methods if you find it difficult to adjust the Wi-Fi network settings on your device.

To use the wired connection on a Windows PC, you’ll first need to install iTunes and sign in to your Apple account using your Apple ID and password.

8. Reset network settings

Sometimes, the network settings on your iPhone can get stuck or confused, and the reset process may allow the phone’s VPN to work again. It is important to be careful when performing this step; When you reset network settings, all saved networks and Wi-Fi passwords will be erased, and you will have to manually reconnect to all Wi-Fi networks you were previously using.

1. Open Settings .

2. Click on General .

3. Click on Transfer or Reset phone .

4. Click on Reset .

5. On the pop-up menu, tap on Reset network settings .

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