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Top 4 Tools to Download and Install All Your Essential Software in One Click!


After installing Windows on the device or even buying a completely new computer, the first thing we have to do is reinstall all the programs we use on a daily basis from browsers and media players to chat and communication programs and more. If you have had this experience before, you know that downloading and installing each program manually is a tedious and time-consuming task, so some developers have been able to create simple tools that can help with this, as they do the task of downloading and installing many programs at once easily. There are a lot of these tools if we search for them, but in this article we just highlight the best according to our experience.

1 Ninite Tool

It is a simple website that helps you to package all the software you need into one file and install it on your computer or multiple devices easily. Ninite is the most famous, and even the first, tool that came out on the scene to automate the process of downloading and installing software on Windows, and we’ve already explained how to use it to install most of the software you need for free . Simply go to the Ninite website and select the programs you want to install. By doing this an installer will be created which when you run it will automatically download and install all the programs you selected.

2 WinGetUI Tool

This tool relies on the WinGet commands available in recent versions of Windows to easily install batches of programs. WingetUI is very easy to use and once you launch it you can search for the name of any program you need to install and there is a good chance that you will find it listed, which at the time of editing these lines includes 6,000 programs of various classes and categories. You can also scroll through the list, which is arranged in alphabetical order, where each program’s name and version are listed, and just double-clicking on a program’s name it installs silently.
When you press Install to download and install the program, a new window will appear with a set of options, for example, you can choose to either install the latest version of the program or an older version before starting the process. Unfortunately, the tool does not support selecting multiple programs to install, however installing any program only requires double-clicking on the program so it won’t take time for you to install all your favorite programs in record time. Besides installing programs, there is a “Software updates” section that shows installed programs that need updating, and also a “Installed applications” section where you can manage already installed programs and delete what you don’t need easily. [ download tool ]

3 The Install Utility

If you are using Windows 10 or 11, you can rely on Winstall to automate downloading and installing software on your computer easily. Similar to the previous tool, Winstall relies on the WinGet command line, but instead of creating commands manually, the site makes the whole process easier. next to each program’s name.
After that, click on the “Generate script” button at the bottom and a command will appear in front of you that leads to the installation of these programs. All you have to do is click on the “Copy to clipboard” option to copy the command and then open the CMD tool or the Terminal application in Windows 11 with administrator privileges, and finally paste Command by pressing Ctrl + V and then press Enter. Now the process of downloading and installing the software on your computer will start, you don’t need to do anything, just wait for the installation to complete and you will find all the software ready to use.

4 Patch My PC

This tool is primarily designed to update programs that are already installed on the computer, but includes some side functions such as removing unwanted programs from their roots, as well as downloading and installing a batch of programs with one click. Patch My PC is completely free and once you launch it, you will find on the left side of the window a list of all the most popular computer programs among users, more than 300 programs, divided into several categories such as browsers, media players, etc. for easy access to the required programs.
The tool does not need to be installed, after downloading, run it directly, and all you have to do is put a check mark (?) next to the name of each program and then press “Perform Updates” and it will immediately start downloading each program separately and installing it silently, so that after completion you can run programs from the start menu immediately. The nice thing about Patch My PC is that its list of programs is constantly updated, so you don’t find old versions of any of the programs in the list. [ download tool ]

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