Instagram begins testing a new feature that displays only three stories at a time


Have you ever had a moment where you had to hard click on hundreds of stories someone posted on your Instagram? If you’re someone who finds this frustrating, we have good news for you.

The photo and video sharing app has started working on a new way to show stories that solves exactly this problem.

This new way of showing stories to viewers will only show the first three stories, hide the rest from them, and skip to the next stories in the feed, so what do you do if you want to view all of the account’s stories? Well, you simply have to click on the See All button which will open all their stories.

This feature is not meant to stop people from posting more stories, the current number of Instagram stories you can post is still 100, but what this feature intends to do is make its users view stories from more people in a short time frame.

This means that if you are not interested in watching someone’s story, you want to click on their entire story and it will simply appear in the next story in three clicks.

This update is essential for creators who post story content to Instagram, as they will have to make their stories more attractive to users to click on the view all button and get important opinions about their stories.

As of now, the feature is still being tested and the feature is out only for a small number of users, thus it can be proven that the photo sharing app is still testing the feature and may make some changes according to user preferences.

Considering the fact that the feature is in the testing phase, we can’t appreciate its official release, but what people do appreciate is the fact that it may negatively affect the Instagram creators. Do you think the same?


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