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Microsoft is preparing to reveal Windows 12 in 2024, according to a reliable source!


Microsoft will launch Windows 12 in 2024, after it decided to use a new time plan that obligated it to release a root update from Windows every three years, and to continue to support Windows 11 with new features until that date.

I still remember the day when the software giant Microsoft revealed the release of Windows 10 and described it as the latest Windows update and that any other update would be just improvements to the same version, that was in 2015. Years passed and we knew very well that the news of the launch of any new version of Windows would only be rumor; Until that news began to spread more and more last year, and with it increased theories that confirm that Microsoft was hinting at the release of Windows 11, until it became official and Microsoft revealed its new system, Windows 11 in its new look.

Now, although Windows 11 is still not spreading among users as quickly as Microsoft expected, as one of the statistics showed that it does not exceed 0.52% of the 10 million Windows devices, but according to the latest reports, Microsoft has already started planning for the release of Windows 12 .

Where a reliable source confirmed that Microsoft decided to restore its old plan of sending drastic updates to Windows every three years, while continuing to add new features to the versions of Windows already on the market, and given that Windows 11 was revealed last year 2021, this means that the update The next root (or as it’s known as Windows 12) will come in 2024.

This news came after Microsoft announced its intention to reduce the number of important updates that will be released in one year for the release of Windows 11, to become one update instead of two, which Microsoft used to do in the version of Windows 10, but it had problems maintaining system stability and fixing errors. .

The same source confirmed that Microsoft abandoned its plans to launch a radical update for Windows 11 next year, which it called (Sun Valley Update 3), and instead decided to wait until 2024 to launch its radical update according to its new plans.

Microsoft is currently working on adding new features to Windows 11 and improving it, as participants in beta versions and developers are testing a number of features that will be released later to all users in the second half of the current year, such as support for the tabs feature in the file browser , or the redesign of the task manager, In addition to other useful features such as support for creating folders in the Start menu, and other important additions to make the system more usable.

We can summarize that report in that Microsoft will follow in the footsteps of both Google and Apple, and it will only release one update per year for the current version of Windows that carries some of the required features and additions, with a radical update offered every three years. It is worth noting that Windows 11 still lacks many of the required features, whether Those that we mentioned or its support for Android applications that Microsoft announced since October last year and did not reach all users until the date of writing this article.

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