How do I send a group email message in Gmail? Here are these simple steps



If you want to send the same email via Gmail to more than one person, you don’t have to retype the message to send it to each of them separately, you can simply create a group of people you want to send your message to and send it to everyone at once. How do? Here’s a simple way to send a group message through Gmail:

How do I send a group message in Gmail ?

To send a message to multiple people at once you first need to create an email group using the “Labels” feature in Google Contacts.

After creating a label list, adding the contacts in it to your email is a relatively easy step.

Step 1: Open Google Contacts on your browser and sign in if you need to.

Step 2: Hover over the first contact you want to add to your list, and click the checkbox that appears to the left or right of the contact’s name (depending on the language used). Repeat the same step for each contact you want to include in the group.

Third Step: Once you have selected the contacts, click on the Manage Labels icon at the top of the page. This icon is located next to the Send Email icon.

Step Four: A drop-down menu will appear when you click Manage Labels, click Create Label option in this menu.

Fifth Step: Set a name for your group and click Save.

How do I send a group message in Gmail without showing their name?

If you want to send information to a group of people, but want to hide the recipients’ names from each other, use the Gmail Bcc method is the solution.

Using a Bcc ensures that recipients do not know each other’s names. Now that you’ve created a group email in Gmail, here’s how to email a group of people without them being able to see each other’s email addresses, according to US website Digital Trends .

Step 1: Click Compose in Gmail to send a new message.

Second Step: It is necessary that you write at least one email address in the “To” section. To meet this requirement, type Undisclosed Recipients followed by your email address in parentheses. thus:

(Undisclosed recipients

Third Step: Right or left (depending on the language) the upper part of the message box will show “Cc or Cc” and “Bcc” options. Click the second option and the Bcc field will appear. You can also use Gmail Shortcuts to add a Bcc field. If you are using a Windows computer, press Ctrl + Shift + B, and if you are using a Mac computer, press Command + Shift + B.

Fourth Step: Enter the name of the email group list in the Bcc field.

Fifth Step: Type your message and fill in the Subject field, then press Send, and you’re done.

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