The feature of transferring WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone officially reaches all users


The ability to transfer chats from Android to iPhone and vice versa from iPhone to Android has been officially a popular demand by users.

And now the feature of transferring WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone and vice versa has been officially launched, and any user can transfer the chat history between the two systems without a problem.

And through the new WhatsApp feature, you can easily transfer account picture, individual and group chats, chat history, settings and media.

How to use the new WhatsApp feature?

In order to take advantage of the new feature in WhatsApp, you need to have some requirements which include:

  • Smartphone running Android 5.0 or later.
  • An iPhone with iOS 15.5 or higher.
  • Install WhatsApp version or later on your Android phone.
  • Install version or later on your iPhone.

There are other requirements, including using a new or factory-set iPhone and installing the Move to iOS app on your Android phone.

Next, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network and power source, while using the same phone number on your iPhone.

This is all you need to do to transfer your WhatsApp chats and chats from your Android phone to your new iPhone.

Note : The information transferred remains private and secure because WhatsApp cannot know what type of data is being transferred. The only things you won’t be able to transfer are call history and username shown to others.

In the end, the process is rather simple and does not require the use of third-party programs and any user can follow the steps and transfer chats smoothly.

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