TikTok can now help stop endless scrolling


TikTok is adding a series of new features designed to stop you from disappearing into its endless feed of addictive short videos, the service announced .

The new widget will display a reminder after using the app for a user-defined period of time, adding new protections to the current daily limits.

Teen users (ages 13-17) will be required to use the Screen Time Limiter if they spend more than 100 minutes in the app in a day.

TikTok also adds a new Screen Time dashboard that shows a summary of app usage.

Statistics include the amount of time the app has been opened, a breakdown of day and night usage, and a total counter for the amount of time the app spends per day .

TikTok can now help stop endless scrolling
New Screen Time dashboard. Photo: TikTok

TikTok ‘s new features follow the addition of similar tools to other apps like Instagram and Netflix that are designed to help users manage the time they spend on them.

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