Tips for every beginner Freelancer

The most popular freelancing questions and their reliable answers


1. What is the difference between freelancing and telecommuting?

Remote work and self-employment are two somewhat overlapping concepts, but at the same time they are two different concepts, and each of them has a special nature.

Remote work : It is a relatively recent method provided by companies to their employees, where certain types of companies allow their employees to work from their homes, but within a functional framework, and with a fixed salary, and there are specific job tasks for the employee to complete.

Remote work became very popular after the emergence of the Corona pandemic, as an attempt by companies to avoid mixing and as a preventive measure for everyone. Remote work is not suitable for all types of jobs, and it is required to work in it that the job can be implemented from home, and does not require the employee to be present in the company.

2. How can I get my first freelance job?

A beginner Kifri Lancer will be the most important hurdles that you will have to overcome is to actually start in the world of self-employment, that is, start implementing projects and achieving financial returns.

Here are a few simple points that will help you a lot in getting your first freelance work:

  • Prepare well before entering the market, through good learning and mastering the required skills, and being prepared with the tools and soft skills required to be available in every Free Lancer.
  • If it is late to find a job, use this time to acquire more skills and develop your existing ones.
  • Try to apply all the points of marketing for yourself as a Free Lancer that were mentioned above.
  • Volunteer with an organization or location where you can practice and gain practical skills.
  • Finally: Never give up and have the confidence that work is inevitable, and that is what will happen so keep trying.

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3. Is self-employment a career path?

This depends on the field in which you will specialize, for example, if you work as a web programmer, and you have practical and knowledgeable experience in this field, then this represents a career path, where in the future you can work on a fixed contract with one of the leading companies.

But if you specialize in simple services such as data entry, or doing small tasks on a freelance platform, this is not a career path that you can rely on in the long run.

4. What is the best area for self-employment?

This question is one of the famous questions asked by many who are self-employed, and it is a completely wrong question! The right question to ask here and ask yourself and not anyone else is; What is the most suitable field for me in the world of self-employment?

This you can discover for yourself by looking at the available areas, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and putting your hand on your interests in life, and what are the things that excite you.

But in any case, here is an article that talks about the most important areas in demand in the online job market .

5. What is the profit rate of self-employment?

This is also one of the questions that many beginners ask, and it is a question that does not have a typical answer, and depends on many important factors, including what we discussed in the pricing point.

But in any case, you can rely on self-employment as a primary and primary source of income, and profit from it enough for you and your family while also making savings.

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6. Is self-employment right for everyone?

No, in one word self-employment isn’t right for everyone, and that’s not a bad thing. You can go back to a lesson on what freelancing is, in order to understand its features and characteristics.

In the event that you find that freelancing is not suitable for you, this is not the end of the world, there are many other ways to work through the Internet and make profits through it, which you can view through our comprehensive guide with the link below:

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7. How can I learn a skill to work on as a freelancer?

The great thing about freelancing is that you will find anything you need on the Internet, which you will also work with. There are hundreds of helpful articles (such as what’s available on Winners), YouTube videos, and dozens of useful courses in any field you want to learn.

Here is a collection of articles that may be of use to you at the learning point:

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  • How to access free courses in any discipline you want
  • The 11 Best Digital Marketing Courses (Your Guide to Learning Digital Marketing)

8. Is English necessary in self-employment?

Let’s not summarize the facts, and the truth here is that English is the language of technology and the language of the Internet, and this makes learning it an essential element for any Free Lancer seeking success and growth.

Of course, you are not required to speak English fluently, but at least you have to reach a level that enables you to communicate with it, and you have to have the ability to read in it, especially in the specialty you choose to work in.

The promising thing that will help you a lot in learning English, is that we have published a series of articles on learning English, which you can access through the link below:

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9. Is it possible for a freelancer to hire another freelancer to accomplish certain tasks?

The answer is yes, in the world of self-employment, everything is intertwined, and the freelancer can sometimes be in the role of an employer who is looking for a freelancer to complete a certain task that he is not good at or does not have the time for.

For example, in the event that you are a website developer, and a job offer comes to you that includes developing a website as well as designing it, in this case you cannot refuse the project because you do not have the skill required to complete it completely, but you can use Free Lancer to complete this task for you.

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