E-marketing skills that every professional marketer must have


E-marketing is one of the very important and required fields in the labor market, and it is one of the sensitive areas that need people of a special kind, who must possess a set of important skills that we call e-marketing skills.

These skills are directly related to the field of e-marketing, and they are very important to do the job of an e-marketer, and some of them are inevitably needed by an e-marketer in order to achieve the desired success.

The field of e-marketing is based mainly on the Internet and information technology, and it is a field that witnesses developments almost on a daily basis.

In order to survive in these crazy rapid developments, the e-marketers had to develop themselves and their skills as much to be able to lead a successful business.

In this article, we will address an important set of e-marketing skills, which we recommend any e-marketer to work on and develop, as they are really skills that will make a big difference in moving you from a novice e-marketer to a professional e-marketer .

What skills does an e-marketer need to succeed?

1- Decision-making skill

Decision making skill

Making decisions is one of the most difficult challenges that a person faces, because of the consequences and consequences that follow, so it is a great psychological pressure when a person makes an important decision.

The pressure and frequency increases whenever the decision has a great impact, but some circumstances control the speed of decision-making. A successful e-marketer must be able to make the right decisions at the right time, regardless of the circumstances.

Here are some points that will help you as an online marketer to make the right decisions.

1- Make decisions based on results, not your personal preferences

In some cases, you may find that there is a conflict between the decisions that achieve better results and your own taste, then you have to break free from your personal tendencies and not follow your own taste, and make decisions that achieve better results.

2- Listen to your audience

The professional e-marketer is the one who makes his compass in making marketing decisions based on satisfying the public, as this is the goal behind all marketing efforts, which is to gain the public’s satisfaction to achieve better results.

3- It’s okay to make a mistake

The aspiration for perfection is something that hinders some e-marketers, they are always looking for the best possible thing, and this costs them a lot of time and effort at the expense of achievement.

As for you, you have to be brave enough to make a mistake, because every time you make a wrong decision, you will learn an important lesson that will prevent you from many wrong decisions in the future.

4- Experience is the only thing you have to give your full confidence to make decisions

The world of e-marketing is a very flexible world and it is very intertwined, and in many cases the ideal marketing strategy for a company is not the ideal marketing strategy for your company.

You have to experiment and make your future decisions based on your own experiences, it is the only thing you can completely trust.

2- The skill of persuasion

The skill of persuasion is one of the necessary e-marketing skills. It is logical for a successful marketer to have the ability to convince the audience of his product or service. This can only be achieved after a deep understanding and study of the audience, knowing what is going on in his head, and knowing the problem he is looking for a solution for.

Here are some points that will help you be able to convince your target audience of what you are marketing for:

1- Do not market a product or service that you are not convinced of on a personal level

The first point that will help you to have the ability to persuade is your conviction first, so do not work for a company that provides products that are not of the required quality.

And never agree to deceptive audience marketing strategies, because you can never be convincing enough if you don’t believe what you say.

2- Talk about the problems your product or service will solve

One of the points that leads to the customer’s conviction of the product is the marketer’s ability to show the features of the product he is marketing to, which solve the problem or problems that the customer suffers from.

3- Get to know better about the product you are shopping

Experience and real experience in dealing with the product you are marketing for will give you the ability to convince the audience with ease.

For me personally, I feel completely comfortable when I go to buy a product from a store and find the seller telling me that he uses this product in his home, and I find that he is able to mention the smallest details of the product.

Thus your audience will feel comfortable when they find you fully aware of the product you are marketing for, and in this regard I advise you to use the product that you are marketing yourself.

3- Data analysis skill

One of the main points on which the success of e-marketing depends is the collection and analysis of data. By collecting and analyzing data, you as an e-marketer will be able to make decisions correctly, thoughtfully, and based on facts.

But what is this data you need to collect in e-marketing:

1- Data about competitors, including:

  • Who are the most famous strong competitors in your field and how many are there, which in turn will give you an idea of ​​how strong the competition in your field is?
  • How many visits do competitors’ websites get?
  • How many followers on the social networking sites of the competitors?
  • What are the strengths of the competitors and what is the most important reason for their popularity?
  • What are the weaknesses of each competitor?
  • What are the points that most competitors in your field miss?

2- Data related to your company’s website, including:

  • How many daily visits to the site?
  • The average time a visitor stays on the site.
  • What are the most popular pages that bring you visitors?
  • What is the annual/quarterly/monthly growth rate of your site visits.
  • How many direct visitors to your site, who enter your site directly from the browser.

3- Data related to your company’s social media pages, including:

  • What is the most important social networking site for you that you have the most followers on?
  • How many visits does your site get per month through social networking sites?
  • Engagement rate on posts?
  • Your advertising campaigns on social media, and what is the secret of their success or the secret of their failure?

4- Data regarding the results that have been achieved, including:

  • What is the monthly sales volume?
  • What is the annual/monthly growth rate in sales?
  • What is the rate of return on investment in marketing ROI, i.e. how much return do you get for every dollar you spend in marketing?

In fact there is a lot of other important data, but I don’t want to linger any further on this point!

To determine the success of the marketing plan, marketers resort to using specialized tools, which give detailed reports in many aspects, on the basis of which adjustments are made and decisions are made to improve future results.

Among these tools are:

  • Google Analytics (the most important and popular tool for analyzing websites and their visits).
  • Ahrefs   (the most important tool for analyzing competitors, and accessing opportunities in the market for growth and development).
  • BuzzSumo (the most important and popular social media analysis tool).

4- Writing skill

The marketer communicates with customers most of the time by writing, so it is not important for the marketer to have writing experience such as drafting posts and emails, writing blog articles, and writing marketing ads.

If you do not have confidence in your writing skills, see some of the winners’ articles on teaching writing rules, and more than reading books and focus on the written style, and it is okay to imitate the methods that you like provided that they fit the message that you want to convey through what you write.

5- Organizing and planning skill

Organizing skill

E-marketing is one of the fields that contains many details and multiple tasks, so the element of organization here is very important, and it is one of the necessary e-marketing skills for every marketer.

Also, in order to succeed in e-marketing, you need a solid plan, and therefore planning skill is also a very important e-marketing skill, which is indispensable to any e-marketer.

Because the skills of organization and planning are closely related, I have addressed them together, and these are some important points that will help you organize and plan your work as an online marketer intelligently.

  • Write down all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks required of you, with a brief description of each task.
  • Use time management and business tools (I will post an article for you shortly containing the most important of these tools).
  • Planning always starts with determining where your company is now, and what you want to reach within a specific period of time.
  • Break down your marketing plan into phases, and break down each phase into specific tasks.
  • Marketing planning never interferes with flexibility, so you can always deviate from the plan and modify it when necessary.
  • You always have to balance efficiency and quality on the one hand, and achievement on the other.

6- The skill of dealing and interacting with the public

Your audience is your treasure that you must harness all your marketing efforts to attract, as it is the cornerstone of the success or failure of your business, so dealing with it is a very important and sensitive matter.

Among the important matters regarding dealing and interacting with the public:

  • Respond to messages from website followers as soon as possible.
  • Use a friendly style in responding to messages, but this does not conflict with a decisive style when necessary.
  • Respond to messages on social media and show interest in every message that comes.
  • Respond to comments that come on social media posts, and open the door for discussion with followers.

It is very important at this point to try as much as possible to convey an implicit message to the client that you are important, and we are working here to help you, regardless of your psychological state or your own circumstances.

Of course, this will generate more pressure for you, but you should always stick to your friendly, professional style when interacting and communicating with your audience.

7- The skill of permanent development

E-marketing is one of the fields of a very changing nature, as it is based on the Internet and modern technology that comes with something new almost every day.

So, the job of the e-marketer is not the job that you have to learn and start working on until you retire, but the process of learning in the field of e-marketing is a continuous and imperative process for your continuation as an e-marketer who wants to ensure that there is a place for him in the future.

You have to be up to date with the latest updates, and you have to always work on developing yourself, and constantly learning new skills.

Here are some points that will help you improve constantly:

  • Follow trusted sites and blogs that provide new information and updates regarding e-marketing.
  • Follow the pioneers in the field of e-marketing on social media.
  • Subscribe to the Google Alerts tool to get messages about new content and news about digital marketing.
  • When you have time, sign up for new, more advanced courses, or courses in certain aspects of marketing that you are not very good at.
Note: The previous seven skills are the basic e-marketing skills that must be available in every e-marketer, or the following skills are not very necessary skills, but they are important for anyone who seeks professionalism, or for every multi-tasking e-marketer.

8- Negotiation skill

Negotiation plays an important role in business success, and relies on the idea of ​​one party to the discussion tipping the balance in his favour, with the other parties agreeing in a win-win situation.

The negotiation process depends primarily on the idea of ​​bargaining, that is, offering conditions by the negotiating parties, and trying to reach a common point between the parties by making some concessions in order to complete the deal.

The negotiation skill is not needed by every e-marketer, but in some disciplines such as search engine optimization , or influencer marketing , this skill has a special importance… where the e-marketer is supposed to make partnerships and contracts with websites or people to achieve marketing benefits.

9- The skill of speaking fluently in front of a group of people

In certain cases, the e-marketer may need to speak in front of a group of people, such as presenting his marketing plan to the managers and owners of the company in which he works.

In this case, the e-marketer must be confident in himself, and clarify his ideas in a simple and easy to understand manner.

It may take some time to develop this skill you have or to acquire it if you do not have it at all. All you have to do is try to practice in front of a group that you get used to and familiarize yourself with as your friends or family. .

10- The skill of creativity and innovation

The world of marketing is fiercely dominated by competition, as new companies appear every day that compete with similar companies on the scene, otherwise they will not be able to survive for long in the market.

Here, there is no way to win this competition except by excelling and in some way superior to the competitor, and this requires a creative spirit capable of creating advertising campaigns and a different marketing method than the traditional form.

Here are some points that will help you develop your creativity and innovation skill:

  • First you have to understand that innovation does not mean reinventing the wheel, but in many cases it is just a clever use of what is known to many.
  • Merging two ideas together can lead to a completely new innovative idea.
  • Seeing the creative marketing ideas of others can inspire you to get your own creative ideas.
  • Listening to the ideas of others such as co-workers, and customers will help you a lot to reach innovative marketing ideas.

11- Graphic design skills

Design skill is not a mandatory e-marketing skill, as companies usually hire a graphic design specialist, but this does not negate that it is always an important skill to have in any field of work.

Having design skills will help you get a better paying job, and will enable you to implement your own marketing ideas as you envision them, without further explanation to a design specialist.

Here are the most important graphic design programs:

With regard to the use of design in the field of marketing, it is sufficient to learn the basics of only one of the aforementioned programs.

Here are some important articles on Graphic Design Winners:

12- Video making skills

Watching videos online represents a third of what web users do, and this percentage is expected to reach 82% by 2022, so if the video is not part of your marketing campaign, you will lose many followers.

And don’t worry if you are not an expert, you can always count on freelancers, in which case you should read the article below:

But if you want to do it yourself… here are the most important video design programs:

For the full list, read the article in the link below:

Best Video Maker and Editing Software (Free and Paid)

To conclude our article, we ask you, dear reader, which of these skills do you lack or think that you need to develop and improve?

We await your response in the comments below, and do not forget to share your opinion about our content and what you would like to see on us.

We did not skimp on you to provide the information completely free of charge, so do not skimp on others by publishing it for them.

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