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Tools in general are very important in our daily lives, as we rely on them to perform most of our daily tasks. Tools make it easier to carry out tasks and save a lot of time and effort.

In the world of e-marketing , tools occupy a very special place. Perhaps a person can survive for some time without using tools, as for those who depend on their work on the Internet like you and me, tools here represent the essence of their work and almost nothing can be done without them.

As a professional e-marketer , you must choose your e-marketing tools very carefully. Who among us wants to waste time, money or effort with tools that do not achieve the desired purpose?

I wrote this article in order to make it a source for the most important e-marketing tools in all its branches.

E-marketing tools: These are specialized services provided by some websites to e-marketers, some of which are paid and some of which are free. These services are very important in performing tasks accurately, quickly, and saving time and effort, to help succeed and achieve goals.

E-marketing tools vary greatly, to suit every specialty and every need.

It should be noted here that e-marketing tools are arranged in this article according to marketing disciplines. In all the lists you will also find both free and paid tools.

The most important e-marketing tools for website owners

1. Google Analytics

A great tool provided by Google to site owners, through which you can learn accurate data of your site visitors. And then make decisions to improve the performance of your site better.

A completely free tool, but it is worth a lot for every website owner, as it provides you with everything you need to know about your site.
It is worth noting that this is one service, out of many that Google provides to website owners completely free of charge.

2. wordpress

A completely free tool that enables you to build your site without any coding skills. With a little effort, anyone can deal with WordPress, and create their own site with ease and in record time.

This is in addition to many great WordPress plugins , available in the WordPress store, which give your site a lot of important features and features.

3. bitly

This free tool also enables you to shorten your site’s links, for shorter and better looking links. You can share it on social networking sites so that it appears better in front of your followers.

This great tool also allows you to track and analyze your visitors (it will give you accurate data about who clicked on the short links)

4. semirush

A great SEO tool , it enables you to analyze your site and the keywords you want to target. It has a lot of features, including getting a list of the links that have been shared to your site or competitors’ sites, knowing your site pages that have been archived in Google, and many other features.

The great thing about this tool is that although it is a paid tool, there are many features that it offers for free.

5. ahrefs

One of the most important and famous SEO tools as well, it has a lot of various features like the one before it, but it is especially great for backlink analysis.

Through it, you can learn about the reasons for the success of competitors and follow their example.

6. pingdom

This tool enables you to measure the speed of your site, and provides you with the factors that you can improve to increase the speed of your site. Given the great importance that Google gives to the speed of site loading, which strongly affects the visitor’s experience in dealing with sites, this tool is considered very important.

Second, various other digital marketing tools

1. Facebook audience insights

A visitor analysis tool for Facebook, you can use it from your Facebook advertising account or business account. This tool provides a lot of data and information about your site visitors or landing pages.

2. mention

This tool enables you to follow up on your brand, through which you can identify any social media post in which your brand name was mentioned. Through it, you can study competitors as well, and get to know the influential people in the field of your site or advertising campaigns.

3. hubspot

Who works in the field of e-marketing and does not know hubspot? This wonderful site provides a comprehensive marketing tool that helps you create competitive content for your site and get visitors to it, and many other features that cover all aspects of marketing.

4. bootsuite

This tool enables you to manage all your social media accounts from one place. They have a free plan that gives you a lot of features with the ability to manage only three accounts.

Points to pay attention to about e-marketing tools

1. Tools are a great and very effective way to help you succeed, but your success as an e-marketer will not necessarily be achieved by owning the required tools, but it will be achieved as a result of your effort and your ability to use these tools to achieve your goals.

2. Before purchasing or using any marketing tool, you should ask yourself, “Are the possible results worth the price or time spent on it?”

3. There are a lot of wonderful e-marketing tools, but you just have to choose the tools that you actually need, and this depends on the nature, size and number of marketing projects you are working on, and also depends on the goals and marketing vision that differ from one marketer to another and between one period of time and another, even for the same project. .

4. Although there are e-marketing tools that target specific specialties, there are many tools that are suitable for more than one specialty.
For example, there are tools that are suitable for those who work in the field of commission marketing, and also suitable for website owners.

5. The market for e-marketing tools is so large that it is difficult to include all the tools in one topic. For example, you will find dozens of tools that perform the same task.

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