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A competent marketing plan is essential for the success of any firm. In its most basic form, marketing is the process of informing potential clients about your products or services and why they should select your firm.

Customers are educated by good marketing so that they can identify the items they desire, make better and more informed decisions about the products, and gain the greatest value from them. Marketing facilitates transactions between customers and sellers for mutual profit.

For decades, the same marketing principles have been in use. The 4Ps or marketing mix refer to four original marketing concepts. By combining these four factors in various ways, you may create a synergy that increases product acceptance among your target audience.

They are interrelated and complement and coordinate all aspects of a marketing strategy. Because the marketing mix is variable, the marketing team may emphasize any one area as needed based on marketing circumstances and what is ideal for the targeted audience.

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Chapter 01:
Topic 1:

What is Marketing?

It discusses the definition of marketing and help you understand the meaning of marketing in a real life context.

Text Book Reference:

Book : Principles of Marketing by Kotler and Armstrong

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