What Elon Musk want to change on Twitter


Elon Musk has taken control of Twitter in a $44 billion deal that, at least based on some feedback, she feels could reshape the internet and specifically social media.

Musk was often asked what he would do if he owned Twitter, or provided he was appointed a member of the board of directors. Elon has stated his intentions with the company in a number of tweets since then. Unfortunately, some of his tweets were deleted, probably because the tech billionaire felt he was giving away too much information at the time, which would have hurt the takeover tender in the end. But now that he’s finally in control of Twitter, let’s take a look at what he wants to do there.

moderation in content

One of the biggest problems Musk has had with Twitter is the ambiguity with which the social media platform has managed its content. And not just Musk, but a lot of people have felt that, over the years, some of the decisions Twitter has made with respect to the accounts and posts of public figures have been arbitrary at times, and at other times completely undemocratic.

Musk once tweeted a poll asking if users think Twitter protects freedom of expression. He also questioned that freedom of expression is fundamental to a functioning democracy, so does Twitter do this? Of the two million respondents, 70% responded in the negative. Musk himself has been at odds with Twitter, particularly regarding his tweets about cryptocurrency and the pandemic. He once claimed that children are essentially immune to the coronavirus and, for the longest time, was a Covid denier.

Get rid of scam bots and cryptocurrency

Elon Musk has been one of the biggest proponents of cryptocurrency and a number of altcoins. Despite the fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum mining is extremely harmful to the environment, it was instrumental in making Tesla one of the first major auto companies to accept payments in cryptocurrency. The move was made, despite the fact that most engineers at Tesla believe that the high power requirements of cryptocurrencies are incompatible with what Tesla stands for.

Twitter is the go-to platform for crypto enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it is also domestic to some of the most prevalent cryptocurrency scams, something that Musk has personally fallen victim to. Personal Mask is among the few high profile Twitter accounts that have been hacked to push a scam.

Musk recently tweeted that whether his takeover bid was successful, “We’ll defeat spam bots or die trying!”, and “We’ll befriend all real humans.”

Release button Edit

There are numerous arguments about whether or not Twitter should have an editing feature. Whatever opinion you take, it’s tough to disclaim that there are ways in which a micro-blogging site can implement the editing feature, just like many other platforms.

And when Musk tweeted asking provided users wanted an “edit” button, more than 4 million users answered, with three-quarters of them responding yes. Twitter rightly pointed out that such a feature can lead to abuse because Twitter is the social media platform that most people get their news from.

Open Twitter Algorithm

Musk has long stated that he believes all social media platforms should make their algorithms open source, and he believes that this will not only allow users to check how the algorithms affect the content they consume, but will also allow them to choose which algorithm affects the content that is served. . Although he was somewhat indistinct as to what Twitter would involve whether it was truly open source, this would be one of his biggest projects at Twitter.

Get rid of ads

On April 9, Musk targeted Twitter’s business mannequin and said, “…No ads. The ability of companies to dictate policy is greatly enhanced whether Twitter relies on ad money to outlive.” But Musk returned and deleted this tweet.

There is also a golden possibility for him to continue with a service like Twitter Blue, where users pay $3 a month. It is also possible to add some value-added services to attract more users to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Ownership of a “media” outlet

Now, this is a more complex field. Most billionaires, particularly in the United States, have a media outlet. And if Jeff Bezos has The Washington Post, Bill and Melinda Gates have donated as much as $319 million to various media outlets, and Michael Bloomberg owns Bloomberg.

Musk, on the other hand, had a controversial relationship with traditional media—to the point where he actually shut down Tesla’s media outreach branch.

Since most people get their news from Twitter, it wouldn’t be farfetched to suppose that Musk decided that he would control the medium through which people consume news, the medium, after all, that remains the message. And what we can say for sure is that for Twitter and users of the social media platform, there are some big matters around the corner from activation and change.

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