What are the features of the best wireless mouse?


What are the features of the best wireless mouse?

Whether you are one of those people who are on the go a lot while gaming or working, then you will surely welcome wireless accessories more than wired ones. In general, wired devices connect more terminals than wired devices and somehow deprive them of freedom while working. In the old days a wireless mouse didn't work as well as a wired mouse, and after a few times it needed a new battery. Happily, wireless stations in recent years have been able to compete with the wired type. Whether you are looking for a high-quality, durable mouse, and don't know what features to look for in a wireless mouse, read this article to the end.

Purpose of buying a wireless mouse

Naturally, before choosing any device, the purpose of the purchase must be determined. This means that you need to know provided you want to use a wireless mouse for gaming, video editing, or regular work. Because then you can make the correct decision. In the following, we will discuss the types of music and their applications.

standard mouse

These shapes do not have a special design and are used for normal and routine tasks, and the pressure sensitivity (DPI) of standard boards is generally between 800 and 6000 dpi. This number is fairly suitable for most users. Dots per inch is a scale used to measure sensitivity to pressure. The higher the dot-inch, the higher the accuracy and sensitivity of the mouse. Therefore, for certain tasks such as video editing and gaming, you should choose a mouse with a higher DPI. Because with the slightest manual pressure on the mouse, they can detect movement.

gaming mouse

The gaming mouse is equipped with the most sensitive and accurate sensors and has better battery life than standard mice. Some types of gaming mouse have more special features such as RGB lighting and programmable buttons that the user can adjust according to the type of game.

own mouse for content production

Whether your task is to produce video content, you should be careful in choosing a mouse. Dpi plays an important role in video content production. So total your research before choosing. Overall, Logitech M series media is the best choice for video content production.

Mouse design and appearance

Choosing the design and shape of your mouse is entirely a personal one. Because a person should be able to easily communicate with the look and feel of the hand on the mouse. Most of the mouse has a simple and ergonomic design. But some prefer special designs. For example, most people like to rest their fingers comfortably on the mouse, while others prefer to rest their palms on the mouse. Provided you are of the moment category, the mega and bigger is a good selection. Another important point in the appearance of the mouse is the quality of the buttons. This feature is especially important for gamers, because the game mouse has more buttons, for fast performance during the game. So the buttons are effective. To buy a quality mouse, pay attention to the pads under the mouse. The pads help the mouse to move smoothly on the board, the thinner and smaller the pads, the more wear they wear over time.

sensors in wireless mouse

Most wireless mice are equipped with optical sensors, but the Special Capabilities mouse is powered by Lysine technology, and the difference between the two is usually indistinguishable because they actually have the same function. In general, some types of mouse have the function of jumping or stopping. You have to choose a mouse that records movement correctly and accurately and moves easily on various tough and soft surfaces such as wood or material.

Dpi and sensitivity in the mouse

Sensor sensitivity is an important criterion in choosing a mouse. The dpi or sensor sensitivity is displayed in dpi. The dpi varies between 800 dpi and 6000 dpi in most media. The higher the dot, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse. Players must choose a mouse with more DPI. Because they need a little hint to move the mouse.

Wireless mouse battery life

Most wireless mice run on replaceable AAA batteries. But the most expensive are equipped with an internal battery. It can be easily charged with a charging base or charger. Choosing a mouse with a fantastic battery is very important, as the best mouse should final several years with a replaceable battery.

Types of wireless network connection methods

Bluetooth is the most common way to associate wireless mice. But others are connected to the device like dongles.

Introducing high-quality 2022 mouse models

Below, we have listed the best models of mice 2022 so that you can choose among the best models. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a standard or dedicated gaming mouse, check out the features and choose the option based on your preference.

Logitech MX Master3

Logitech MX Master3 is the best wireless mouse. This mouse is not intended for gaming, but its sensor can reach 4000 DPI, which is a brilliant number for a regular mouse. MX Master is equipped with a rechargeable battery. On the other hand, you can adjust the six buttons on the mouse to your taste. This mouse connects in two ways: USB A dongle and Bluetooth. Consolation is the most prominent feature of this mouse. Place your thumb and finger on the mouse for comfort. Another interesting point of this mouse is the Dark Field sensor. Dark field sensors work on almost any surface. The Logitech MX Master3 mouse is equipped with the Mx Master precision scroll wheel, so you can scroll up and down the screen. As a result, it provides the mouse with the ability to perform various tasks such as screenshots. MX Master is the most professional mouse mannequin and a good choice for specialized tasks like coding.

Logitech MX Vertical

This mouse has an ergonomic design and is positioned vertically at a 45-degree angle. This muscle is a good option for the arm and wrist, so that the user does not have to rotate in an unnatural position. In general, this mouse is not suitable for everyone, but whether you like working with a vertical mouse, it may take some time to get used to it, after which you will notice that the thumb is resting on a comfortable backrest. to share documents. Of course, only provided you are using a Logitech dongle. The Logitech MX is equipped with a USB-C rechargeable battery that connects to the device via a USB A dongle. But whether price is your priority, this mouse is more expensive than other models. Overall, the Logitech MX Vertical is a fantastic choice for people who are looking for a comfortable mouse.

Lenovo vertical wireless mouse

Provided you are looking for an affordable ergonomic mouse, we recommend the Lenovo Wireless Vertical Mouse. This mouse is cheaper than the Logitech MX Vertical. Of course, most of the special features of the vertical mouse MX are included, it is superior to the Logitec MX and has the possibility of setting more settings in dpi. You can set between 3 numbers between 800 and 2400 dpi and move with a simple gesture. The bottom of the mouse is equipped with a cork cover that gives it a special feel. Wireless vertical mouse with a natural angle of 57 degrees and a large number of programmable buttons.

Logitech Ergo M575 . Wireless Trackball Mouse

It's the best mouse in terms of placement. To do this, you do not need to move your hand, just put your hand on the mouse and work with it for hours without the slightest movement. The reason for this feature is the design of the mouse. Logitech Ergo M575 is equipped with an indicator and track ball sensor. The Ergo M575 is a brilliant mouse, but it has good movements. Since it does not require transportation or even a gun, it is an ideal selection for people with little space. It also provides features for the user such as dpi adjustment, key combination, battery level check, and a button to open apps. Other features of the mouse include an AA alkaline battery and Bluetooth connectivity.

Logitech Triathlon Mouse M720

The Logitech Triathlon mouse can connect to multiple devices. Compared to the previous mannequin, M10, a button has been added on the left side of the thumb, and the 1,2,3 button is also a special feature of this mouse. The Logitech Triathlon has the ability to pair up to 3 devices simultaneously. The appealing thing about this mouse is the Logitech Flow feature. Logitech flow allows you to move your mouse between screens. This feature has numerous advantages: first, you can easily copy files, or use your laptop as a second monitor. The mouse is compatible with both 2.4GHz and bluetooth connection methods, so you can connect one GHz mouse and the other via bluetooth, and the battery in the Triathlon mouse is AA.

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