The mother company of the WordPress platform announces the Happy Tools group to organize and manage tasks



The parent company of the WordPress platform announces Happy Tools to organize and manage tasks

Automattic, which stands bum the renowned WordPress platform and operates in most of the Arab sites and well-known blogs, announced the launch of another platform called Happy Tools , which is a set of tools through which the company aims to supply ways to organize and manage tasks and businesses for users.

The company is also behind the development of Jetpack and WooCommerce platforms which save a lot of effort and time developing projects for commerce owners and ideas. But with the list of new tools it wants more reach for trade owners.

Automattic launched its new platform with the launch of its first tool, Happy Schedule, to provide task scheduling services and support over time. This tool is similar to Google Calendar in its work, as it is possible to set and organize the appointments for tasks with ease. This tool will be available to use for $5 per person per month.

The company says it will release more important tools later. The company operates nearly entirely online, with 850 employees from 68 countries around the world.

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