The White House Responds to Jeff Bezos After the Dispute Over the New Economic Support Program


The White House responded to Jeff Bezos after the dispute over the new economic support program

Amazon founder and second-richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos , on Friday escalated a days-long war of words with the White House over if businesses were the main cause of rising inflation.

The White House responds to Bezos, founder of Amazon

The White House responded in an official statement to the criticism leveled by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos of the new US government plan regarding the new economic support program, which the United States will allocate to support Americans, and includes extra taxes on the wealth of the rich.

According to his statement to the Washington Post , White House spokesman Andrew Bates said, “It is not surprising that one of the richest people on soil has rejected an economic agenda aimed at supporting the middle course and confronting inflation by imposing additional taxes on the rich and corporations.”

Bates also hinted that Bezos ‘ tweet rejecting the New Economic Program “came after President Joe Biden met with a group of movement organizers and labor unions, including Amazon employees.”

The Amazon founder had published his tweet, ultimate Sunday, in which he criticized the US government’s introduction of a new program of economic support and incentives, in light of the current growing economic crisis, noting that inflation is the largest tax that will affect the conditions of society as a whole.

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