Suggestions of website visitors..a treasure that must be invested



I sent a proposal to serve me as an Arab user of a global website, and then I received an automatic reply from them to my e-mail stating that my proposal had been received, so far, and it is not surprising at all, but the unusual thing happened a week later. I received another email from an employee of the company responsible for that site, asking me for some details approximately the proposal.

What is stranger than strange; Is that, after a while of using the site, I found my suggestion and it was implemented better than how I sent it to them (!!!).

Numerous of us might think of them as “free people”; But we are talking here approximately a site for a giant company that provides its services to users all over the world, and this means that the subject of suggestions is not just a collection box; Rather, it is a major course of action that is devoted to a large part of the employees of this company, and at the same time it is an important strategy that successful website managers are interested in.

This is the correct way to deal with the suggestions of visitors and site users as a treasure that can only be appreciated by those who understand its importance. Some companies or government agencies may pay enormous sums to consulting companies to give them their opinion on developing their sites to suit the requirements of users; Although the users themselves are concerned with the website and have daily experiences that can be benefited from and access to free impressions and suggestions that can be developed and studied to develop the website in line with their aspirations, and this is certainly reflected in the latter on the success of the website; and even the success of the company as a whole.

The tracker of websites on the web finds in all websites, provided large or small, a communication channel, normally in the form of an electronic form, and some of them add a specialized box for suggestions and all of these well-known means facilitate and motivate the website user to send his proposal, but the most important question that imposes The same for all of us is: What next? And this is the most important object, which is the role of the site owner in filtering the proposals, transferring them to a concerned party to inspect them directly, classifying them according to the scope of the proposal, and then transferring them to either the concerned department or the competent person to study it, and to determine a mechanism for following it up and obtaining a response with the result of the study.

Another method may be more practical; Whereas, in some companies or agencies, a permanent committee is assigned, consisting of coordinators from all sectors of the company; One of its tasks is to continuously make improvements to the website, through numerous tools, the most important of which is the visitors’ suggestions that we are talking about.

This committee may be a management, and there is also another role for the site owner, which is the interactive role with the visitors’ suggestions, by thanking them directly, and notifying them of the value of this proposal, and the site’s interest in it, and that their valuable proposal is under serious study, Interest in the value of the proposal may reach him by sending him a message provided the proposal is implemented.

One of the sites that serve those interested in submitting proposals or benefiting from the proposals is the site that is distinguished by its idea, , which allows visitors to submit their suggestions approximately any company in the world, a product, or an event, and this leading site allows companies or those concerned with the proposal to interact directly with it. , respond to it, and change its status to “under study”, or “will be applied” or the like, and this proves that the issue of attention to visitors’ suggestions is a very important matter and should not be ignored, no matter how simple, as it may be the success of the site in the future, as new and innovative ideas They often come from site users and corporate customers.

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