Tesla reveals the arrival date of the revolutionary steel Cybertruck


Billionaire Elon Musk and Tesla CEO confirmed that his company hopes to start delivering the battery-powered Cybertruck, or battery-powered electric Cybertruck, in the middle of next year 2023, and it seems that the dates are clearly set for the delay series to end.

Tesla first revealed the Cybertruck at the end of 2019 and confirmed that full production would start in 2021, but it was delayed and indicated that production would be with the second half of this year 2022, while sales would be in 2023.

And Musk confirmed in a remote interview with investors and owners of the largest percentage of Tesla shares, that there are clearer plans now regarding Cyber-Turk, which will come in the next half year, after it has already begun major production operations to meet pre-booking requests.

Tesla CyberTurk

The steel electric truck was scheduled to arrive at the end of 2021, but it was postponed and was said to be a year delay, before Musk himself spoke in January 2022 talking about plans for the year, and confirmed that they hoped the car would arrive in 2023.

During an online interview to talk about Tesla’s earnings in the second quarter of this year, Elon Musk assured investors that the company will start shipping pre-booking orders for Cybertruck by mid-2023.

In his speech, Musk added that the company is working on mass production of 150,000 cars by the beginning of 2023, and the number will almost double by half the year when it will start shipping the car to users.

One of Elon Musk’s revolutionary ideas in the automotive industry, the Cybertruck is a car with an electric motor with an eye-catching design that looks like a realistic version of futuristic cars or video game cars.

Despite the reservations about the polygon design and the reliability of it in cars in fact, Tesla had already received a number of pre-booking requests as soon as it was revealed, despite it being an expensive car with prices starting at about $ 40,000.

The car is with a metal body of reinforced aluminum, and the director and founder of the company said during the unveiling that it is resistant to scratches and has a strong hardness to resist bullets, with bulletproof glass as well.

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