Samsung tempts competitors to reveal the successes of foldable phones


Samsung is placing great attention on foldable phones, as it has become one of the first company to launch a regular series, the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, and is preparing to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 next September.

Through the official blog, Tim Rouh confirmed that Samsung continues to achieve great successes in the foldable phone industry, and that the company has broken the need for 10 million recharges for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 for the first time.

To illustrate the extent of success here, that number is 300% of the number of shipments achieved by Samsung in 2020 – Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Fold 2 – which confirms the idea of ​​the company towards moving early into the future of smartphones.

Leak reveals Samsung's bold decision about the Galaxy Z Flip 4

The president of Samsung Mobile said in his blog that about 70% of users decided to buy the Galaxy Z Flip foldable horizontally, or what is known as the clamshell, while the rest chose the vertical foldable device that is more expensive in price.

In addition to providing information on how Samsung’s foldable devices sales last year, Rouh also confirmed that the company will introduce the next fourth generation Flip and Fold at the Unpacked event on September 15, stressing that the company has made a significant improvement in manufacturing quality with an improvement in specifications to deliver a product Earns the trust of users.

The foldable phone market is still new to the market despite the fact that several years have passed since its first appearance, but a large percentage of users have reservations about buying a phone with a foldable screen and complete lack of confidence in the quality of manufacturing and bearing heavy issues, especially after problems with quality and hinges. in the first generation.

The second thing behind the non-proliferation of foldable phones, is the high price significantly, perhaps that is why 70% of users prefer to buy the Galaxy Z Flip, in addition to the lack of competition at the present time.

It is also worth noting that many reports confirmed that Apple is preparing to launch the first foldable iPhone, and until that is achieved, it will be interesting to see a new aspect of competition between the two companies, and this will certainly revive the foldable phone market.

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