Tesla unveils its first electric car charging trailer


Tesla participated in the Ideen Expo in Germany, where it announced a trailer capable of charging electric cars through solar energy, which will be the solution to increasing the spread and dependence of electric cars around the world.

The leading companies in the auto industry around the world went to increase their adoption and development of electric cars, with the increase in demand from users, as well as the orientations of governments to reduce dependence on fossil oil to reduce carbon emissions and face climate change.

Companies are facing a challenge with the rapid spread of electric cars in the availability of sufficient charging stations around the world, even in Europe and America that are driving change and proactive steps towards relying on renewable energy.

At the forefront of the solutions was the provision of easy-to-move and low-cost car charging stations in order to quickly provide them in remote areas in the United States and around the world that facilitate the charging process, and small companies have already begun to implement, but in simple and limited forms.

Tesla solutions

During Tesla’s participation in the Ideen Expo in Hanover, the company officially unveiled its first mobile electric vehicle charging station, with a compact trailer with solar panels expandable to three times the size of the trailer.

Tesla said that the trailer contains powerful batteries to facilitate the process of retaining energy to charge cars during the night, while making it easy to move.

She also confirmed that the trailer contains a satellite receiver from the Star Link company from SpaceX – also owned by the same owner, Tesla Elon Musk – to provide communications and data transfer between them and the company and follow their progress and the need for maintenance in remote areas.

Tesla did not reveal when the vehicles will actually be available on the streets, or the countries in which they will be available around the world, but it will certainly start from the United States, as well as the mechanism of work and costs were not clearly revealed.

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