Google Translate competitor.. Facebook will provide the best free translation service in the world


Several companies provide translation services, especially the free Google Translate, which is also an open source that many platforms rely on, as well as Microsoft Translate, which Twitter relies on.

According to a report published by The Verge, Facebook wants to provide a competitive service with Google and Microsoft through a project called “Global Translator”, which is currently in its final stages of development.

He explained that Facebook’s translation was completely developed based on artificial intelligence to provide the best quality and user experience with translation between 200 languages ​​around the world.

Meta sees that the presence of its own translation services is an important factor for the company’s growth and its specialized services, first in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and also in the areas it is working on for the near future related to virtual and augmented reality, in addition to the revolutionary Metaverse technology.

The social media giant also believes that its simultaneous machine translation will be a vital factor in its advertising program and is responsible for approximately 97% of the company’s revenue.


For his part, the senior expert of the Global Translator project confirmed to the site that Facebook has advanced research to improve the use experience for translation in ways that are better than competitors at the present time, as it works using artificial intelligence to provide the correct translation with high accuracy for users.

He pointed out that the Meta model provides text, image and audio translation services with great accuracy, and therefore it can be easily relied on in all forms of content and also through virtual reality glasses.

He also emphasized that the quality of translations that are often available from major companies as open source faces some challenges and provide translations of quality that may be much lower than that of supported languages ​​such as Italian or German.

Angela Fan, an artificial intelligence research scientist at Facebook, who worked on the project, also spoke, stressing that the company faced a challenge in improving the quality of translation between many languages, explaining that the majority provides its services for about 100 languages, while the difficulty remains in providing data about 100 languages. Others are already in use around the world.

She concluded by emphasizing that the team planned to use out of the lack of interest in low-data languages ​​in this area, so the Global Translator project is interesting.

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