Twitter is testing Elon Musk’s first ideas… a big change is coming to the platform


Twitter has its own algorithms to display content to users on the homepage based on the accounts they follow, with limited suggestions based on the type of content the user follows.

Jane Manchun Wong, who is interested in following changes and trends on Twitter, spotted changes the company is testing to tweak the algorithms for displaying content on the home page about a month ago, and has begun noticing more changes working in the experiment so far from the company.

And she explained in a tweet she posted on her personal account on Twitter, that the social platform is working on fundamental changes in the way the content of the home page is displayed, in cooperation with a third-party company.

At the present time, Twitter provides tweets from accounts that are followed and provides the ability to form special lists to include a number of accounts manually specified by the user himself, and are installed at the top next to the main page.

While the change indicates that the social network plans to dramatically change the algorithms for displaying content on the main page completely automatically.

It is noteworthy here that Twitter’s algorithms are still completely unknown and unclear, but recently a trend of anger has emerged against the platform due to sending notifications of suggested content far from users’ interests, which caused their dissatisfaction.


Twitter improves the accuracy of suggested content for people based on their interests, and balances displaying personal posts or public and news accounts in line with a user’s interests.

A Cnet report also mentioned that Twitter has plans and attempts to further expand the suggestions for videos and shared events, as the platform wants to advance in competition for publishing videos as in Tik Tok and Instagram.

The report also said at the same time, that the plans also include that the user himself has the freedom and ability to choose the content he likes to share through manual interests, which will work in parallel with the automatic suggestion algorithms.

It is indicated here that the freedom to customize interests and display on the home page, is one of the big ideas that billionaire and businessman Elon Musk seeks to develop and add to the platform in the event of the complete acquisition of the company.

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