Announcing my Asus Rog 6 and Rog 6 Pro phones


It is clear that Asus started with this version trying to build a phone that you can use as a daily device and not just as a phone dedicated to gaming; The company has slightly improved the design of the phones from the previous versions, so that the phone does not look like it screams “Gaming phone!”. But this is still very much a gaming phone.

Much of the phone’s design is related to cooling optimization, for example, the company mentioned the phrase “We’ve developed a unique 360-degree CPU cooling technology” uttered during the product announcement.

Colors Asus Rog 6 and Asus Rog 6 Pro
Colors Asus Rog 6 and Asus Rog 6 Pro

Asus Rog 6 and Rog 6 Pro Specifications:

Both models are powered by the first generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ processor, and come with a storage capacity of 512GB. They have 6.78-inch OLED screens, the same size as the previous Rog 5S, but the most notable difference was in the 165Hz refresh rates and 720Hz touch sampling rates, which are substantial improvements over the latest model.

They also have a massive 6000mAh battery, like previous models, and an improved three-lens camera setup.

The Asus Rog 6 comes in black and white, and the 6 Pro in white only. The biggest difference between the two models is the second OLED display, which is visible on the back of the Pro version, which looks kind of cool but isn’t practical overall. You also get a little more RAM on the Pro model, as the Rog 6 comes with 16GB of memory, but the 6 Pro will go up to 18GB. We should note that the regular Rogue 6 will probably suffice for most people.

The Asus Rog 6 will start at €999, and the Rog 6 Pro will start at €1,299 – they’re set to launch in the UK and Europe first, and the company says they’ll arrive in the US, India and elsewhere later.

Asus has also updated the Aeroactive Cooler, which is basically just a giant fan that can be installed as a simple console to play games.

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