Google Hangouts has started to stop working for users


The first phase of the closure is currently affecting old Hangouts applications that have not seen any new additions or features for several years and were not available on the Apple and Google stores.

And when trying to run Hangouts , the user is prompted to upgrade with a message (it’s time to chat via Gmail).

Once you see that screen or message, it means that you are no longer able to access the classic Hangouts on your smartphone.

Google has also migrated the vast majority of users’ messages and conversations automatically to its Google Chat app, notifying users via an email.

Google Hangouts  Google announced about a week ago that the Hangouts messaging program will be shut down this year 2022 and permanently in November.

In addition to disabling Hangouts on Android and iPhone, Google is similarly disabling Hangouts, which works as an extension on the Google Chrome browser.

This month, the classic Hangouts app will stop working in the Gmail sidebar on the web.

It is noteworthy that the Google Hangouts application was launched nine years ago, specifically in 2013, and was the new alternative to Google Talk.

The Hangouts chat application has been able to increase its popularity among Android users to get 5 billion downloads.

Its amazing success came due to its great features such as instant chat and video calls, but it soon began to lose its appeal, especially with the emergence of many other chat applications.

Finally, you’ll still be able to use hangouts at until October 2022, but you won’t be able to access the site after that date and all that’s left of Hangouts is the ability to download data and history only.

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