Microsoft Defender Sends Intrusion Alerts to Android Phones and iPhones


Microsoft Defender Gets New Protections

Microsoft has announced new updates in the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint program to protect Wi-Fi networks from threats, but the new feature protects devices running Android operating systems and Apple iOS devices.

The company’s new feature comes with the “Mobile Network Protection” feature, a recent feature that includes sending notifications to system administrators when threats are detected, according to the ” Techradar ” website, which specializes in technical news.

The program alerts officials to threats that penetrate the “Wi-Fi” network, in the event that there is suspicious activity on it or that the network is not secure for any other reason, to switch it quickly.

The company has been working for less than a month on these improvements in its Defender for Endpoint program, which include isolating compromised vulnerabilities from the network, which ultimately provides more security.

This happens after phones from different devices are on the “Wi-Fi” of enterprise devices, which are constantly exposed to electronic attacks, enabling them to infiltrate through “Wi-Fi” and damage the phones, but the new system protects enterprise networks as well as mobile phones from malicious attacks.

iPhone and Android phone users need to grant permissions to the program to store and notify on devices, and allow the program to monitor their networks and notify them of any threat.

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