New iPadOS 16 features coming to iPad and update date


Apple officially announced the new iPadOS 16 features coming to iPad users later this year 2022, which include a new multitasking experience called Stage Manager and full support for external screens, in addition to new features for messaging collaboration, with powerful updates to the Mail app And Safari browser, share photos with family and friends, along with many other professional features.

What are the features of the new iPadOS 16 coming to the iPad?

These are the best features of the new iPadOS 16 update for iPad:

Stage Manager: Better multitasking experience on iPad 

The Stage Manager feature, which is one of the most prominent features of iPadOS 16, provides a completely new experience for multitasking, organizing applications and windows, and facilitating and accelerating navigation between them, so that iPad users can view applications in nested windows of different sizes on the same screen, with the ability to drag windows from the side or open applications from Through the application bar, in addition to the ability to create groups of applications to facilitate faster access to applications, so that groups can be allocated to applications to edit photos, for example, or video meetings and quickly access them, with the main application window displayed in the middle and the arrangement of applications and other open windows on the left side according to the newness opened it.

Stage Manager iPadOS 16 features

The Stage Manager feature also allows users to switch between open applications through the mouse with one touch, which makes the feature provide a closer experience to laptops or Macs, making it easier for users to rely on iPads as an alternative to Macs.

But the new Stage Manager feature in iPadOS 16 for users of all iPads that will receive the update, as Apple said that it will only be available for users of iPad Air with M1 processor and iPad Pro with M1 processor .

Support for connecting an iPad to an external display in iPadOS 16

The Stage Manager feature also supports the ability to use the iPad Pro or iPad Air – with the M1 processor – with an external display with a resolution of up to 6K, so that multiple applications can be displayed on the iPad and the external screen, with the ability to drag and drop files and applications between the iPad screen and the external screen.

Weather app is officially available for iPad 

iPadOS 16 finally carries a weather application to get to know the weather news and temperature directly through the iPad devices, and Apple said that it designed the application so that it takes advantage of the large screen on the iPad, with the ability to view the most important information about the weather and explore maps to check precipitation, air quality and temperature. Via animation, get emergency alerts and check air quality using a color-coded gauge.

New ways to communicate and collaborate via messaging

The new iPadOS16 update also provides iPad users with new ways to communicate and collaborate directly through the Messages application, so that users can share notes, presentations, reminders, Safari page groups and other applications directly through the Messages application, to start collaboration in real time, with updates on joint projects in Live chats, in addition to the ability to directly message any project from the application that the user is working on, including external applications, and it is also possible to start a video call via FaceTime directly with collaborators together on the same project.

The Messages application in the iPadOS update also got many important features to improve messaging through the application, including modifying messages after sending them or restoring recently deleted messages, with the ability to mark conversations as unread to return to them later, in addition to the ability to share content. Through the SharePlay feature, when texting with a person directly through the messaging application, so that you can watch a movie or TV series from Apple TV Plus, or even share a workout or game in a channel chat via messages.

– Collaborate in real time through the Freeform app 

The new iPadOS 16 update also introduces iPad users to a new application called Freeform, a collaborative application that provides a white space to share notes and ideas with co-workers or friends in one place, with support for drawing and writing with the Apple Pencil, in addition to sharing files and inserting web links and documents. and video and audio, and Freeform also allows collaborators to start a messaging session via the Messages app or a video call via the FaceTime app.

The Mail app gets the benefits of Gmail 

And Apple enhanced the Mail application in the new iPadOS 16 update, the features of the Mail application, so that the application got many of the features of Gmail (the most popular email service), including the ability to undo sending emails, schedule messages, and pin sent emails to the top of the inbox. In addition to getting notifications when you forgot to attach a file for example before sending an email message, with an improved search experience to facilitate access to more accurate results, as well as getting suggestions to follow up if they do not receive a response to their message.

Shared photo albums

Shared Photo Albums - iPadOS 16 Features

It is an easier way to seamlessly share photos with up to 6 family members, so that a shared album can be created that allows family members to share photos in it, and the feature allows all album participants with the same powers to add, edit and delete photos, with automatic suggestions to add photos to the shared album The feature also supports sharing photos in the album directly through the camera application.

Enhanced collaboration and security features in Safari 

Apple improved the sharing and security features in its application for browsing the web Safari Safari in the iPadOS 16 update, so that the Safari browser provides a new feature called Shared Tab Groups that allows users to share a group of tabs or web pages with friends and see updates in real time while working together, with the ability to share favorites. Also, which allows, for example, to collaborate with friends to organize a pre-travel trip, with the ability to start a conversation via the Messages application or the FaceTime application directly from Safari.

Improvements to smart features in iPadOS16 

Apple has improved the smart features in the upcoming new update for iPad devices, including the Live Text feature that automatically recognizes text inside images at the system level, so that the feature now supports video clips also by stopping the video to extract texts in a frame, and then interact with it whether By copying, translating, searching, or others, with support for quick interactions with texts discovered within images, so that the feature displays the translation of a text or currency conversion quickly, and Apple has also improved the visual search feature also Visual Look Up, so that it can now identify the subject of the image and isolate an object within it. And isolate it from the background easily, and then copy it into an application from photo-editing applications or messages, etc., and Apple said that the feature now can identify birds, insects, statues, and others.

Apple also provides the Live Captions feature that converts audio to text automatically, similar to the feature that Google provides for Android users, which also comes within the features of Chrome .

Special features for professionals in iPad OS 16

iPadOS 16 also offers some features for professionals, most notably support for the Reference Mode on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a feature that matches color requirements in creating artworks such as contrast, alignment, color gradation and color overlays, to ensure more accurate colors, in addition to supporting the Display feature. Zoom that allows increased pixel density in the screen to display more applications, along with the Virtual Memory Swap feature to use the storage space in the iPad to expand the memory available for all applications up to 16 GB, making navigation between applications more smooth.

More features of desktop applications 

Apple has provided the new iPadOS 16 update with many of the features that users of Mac and desktop computers are accustomed to, so that the system now supports undo at the system level in many applications and places, in addition to quick access to availability in the calendar and creating groups in contacts, to Besides the ability to change file extensions and display folder size in folders, the features also include displaying common actions such as copying, renaming, exporting and printing in the list when using applications such as photos and files, with the ability to customize toolbars in applications to include tools that interest the user more.

The new features coming to iPad devices also include many of the iOS 16 features that Apple announced for iPhone users, which include improvements to the search feature, Siri voice assistant, and voice dictation, as well as new features for the Game Center and a new design for the Home smart home device control app. With enhanced focus feature and the ability to transfer FaceTime calls between iPad, iPhone, and Mac with one click.

What are the supported iPad devices that will get the iPadOS 16 update?

Apple has confirmed that the following iPads will get the iPadOS16 update:

  • All versions of iPad Pro iPad Pro.
  • The third generation of iPad Air and later versions.
  • The fifth generation of iPad and later versions up to iPad 9 .
  • iPad mini 5 and later up to iPad Mini 6 .

When is the iPadOS 16 update available for iPad users?

The iPadOS 16 update will be available for users of supported iPads during September or October 2022, but the developer preview version of the new version is now available, and the trial version will be available through the Apple website for trial versions later in July 2022.

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