One of the most important reasons for their future success.. How do we raise our children with technology?


First of all, we must admit that the technological knowledge of the new generation is one of the most important reasons for its future success; As the world has become run with all available technological means, and developed countries are racing among themselves to occupy the largest space in this world, and developing countries are rapidly joining them, so whoever does not occupy a place for himself will be missing and forgotten in the future, and because children are the industry of fathers, we as parents must realize How do we guide our children to this technical world, which secures them a prestigious position, in addition to their academic and scientific degrees.

Important and useful

The new generation of children was able to enter the world of technological technologies much earlier than their parents were. A child under two years old can sit for long periods in front of television screens without moving a finger in it (you will not feel that he is on the chair), only listening and watching songs and chants, especially cartoons. Including a directed view, makes him in another world.

Is this technically or cognitively good?

Answer: Of course not.

It has been scientifically proven that exposure to electromagnetic rays emitted by television is very harmful to the eye, then to the left hemisphere of the brain, and excessive activity in the right hemisphere, as well as abnormal cartoon movements (the fall of the cat Tom’s body before his head with lengthening and stretching in his neck) that make the child unresponsive With the real natural influences around him, such as the child’s incompatibility with the tenderness of his father and his mother, and the attempt to make him laugh with the movements of their faces (the child is two years old and looks at his father who is playing with him and his ancestor breaks), which leads the child to psychological depression and introversion, as well as TV addiction and screen visuals about harmony with from and around it.

What is the alternative at this point?

The technical alternative at this stage is to watch illustrated books that are rich in information appropriate for his age, such as books that describe people and animals, and organize watching television, and he would like (I mean, I wish) if he watches programs that explain to him how to deal and master phrases and connect sentences and words, even if you are not on TV channels are online, especially (Youtube).

As for the use of technological devices such as computers and touch panels, it is recommended that you be limited to games that develop and stimulate memory, and that they are chosen for them very carefully, and that one of the parents remains next to the child at the time.

After that, the child enters an age that allows him to actually use technological devices instead of just playing and tampering with them, and from here he can climb the technical ladder little by little, so how can we, as parents, take his hand to ascend?

First: operating systems

What is meant here is to use different hardware systems such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android and iOS… depending on the system on the computer or tablet that the child will use, and we are not worried that the child will not understand what we will say; Because his mind at this early age is ready to occupy all the empty spaces in it, so we don’t skimp on him with anything, but with the following controls:

Serious monitoring of the child when he is sitting at the computer.

Not to waste all of his time on games, but rather allocate a specific time for them.

Motivating the child to quickly type on the keyboard and master its style and techniques (the Internet is full of lessons to learn and master fast typing).

Second: Using the Internet:

Entering the world of the Internet for a child early is an inescapable evil. Where all technological devices deal with the Internet directly.

At first, the child will enter the Internet via tablets to get games, and then search for virtual friends in the world of networked social networking, and then search for everything that is new and unknown to him, and at this stage he must also not be left with the rope (non- Tie the horse to the rope and watch it stray away.)

We have to comply with the following controls:

Use a clean internet free of pornography (there are many programs to block these sites).

Strict control of the child near (with the naked eye) and distance (by searching behind him in the browser’s search history).

Raising awareness not to deal with strangers on the Internet, and urging him to disclose any threat to him.

– Directing the child to what is useful to him from sites, and not to a sterile statement, but rather to benefit from what he enjoys and enriches him, not only what enriches him with information.

Teaching the child how to properly search for the correct information on the Internet and books, using the husks of the scientific research methodology (question – assuming an answer – experiences searching for an answer – comparing answers – discussion and conclusion with parents or teachers – conviction).

Third: speed reading

One of the biggest problems facing a child, especially in adolescence, is the endless number of questions about what is going on around him, and the biggest is the huge amount of information that he will not be able to obtain in any form by reading, as there are trillions of information available in books, research and Internet articles.

In order to alleviate and support this problem, the child must learn the basics of “speed reading” that will put him in the ranks of the so-called “eaters of books and references, such as Imam al-Shafi’i. reading speed), and there are many courses, articles and books that explain the possibility of this tool, which enables the individual to quickly read entire books, at a time that the average person consumes in reading several pages, and examples of these books are the book of speed reading by (Tony Buzan).

Fourth: foreign languages

Most parents hope to educate their children in language schools, which allow the child to master foreign languages; To reserve a place for him in a future in which the owner of languages ​​is not equal to those without him.

But if the child does not have access to this study in language schools, then it is necessary to expedite teaching him an additional language, and of course it comes to the fore (the English language), due to the overwhelming wealth of knowledge of this language in various aspects of life than any other language. Recently written in English in most major research and references.

The child, the young and the old will find it very difficult to deal with technology and technology if they do not master another language such as English.

Fifthly: the world of software

At a somewhat advanced age for the child, he must enter the world of programs and master their use instead of mastering games, which will have little effect on him in the future, and these programs make him able to crystallize any talent for him.

There are many and many, I mention the most important of the following programs:

Writing programs, formats and organization (such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

Free and engineering drawing and image editing programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD).

3D drawing programs (Sketchup, 3D Max, Maya and Cinema 4D).

– Media and video production programs (Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects).

Designing websites and web pages (HTML, PHP, ASP, Java, and all the programs you work on, such as Visual Studio).

Programming, software industry and data handling (Access, Visual Studio and advanced programming languages).


We, as parents, have not and will not hesitate to provide the best ways that guarantee even a part of happiness for our children and reassure them in their present and future, and among the most prominent of these ways and means is their technical and technological education, which will enable them to enter new horizons in the world of the information revolution, which changes instantaneously as it reaches Alto and Moment technology mechanism.

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