Do social media influencers play their role in society?


In every society there are influencers in their surroundings. People view them as an example of excellence or a successful personality, and perhaps some people make them a role model during the course of their work or projects, or in building their personalities, and this applies to all components of society, with different skills, specializations and interests.

And if we look at this category of the “ influential ” society , we will find that most of them have a passion for work, a will to develop themselves, a determination to increase intellectual awareness, and increase their culture in various areas of life.

When they focused on raising their minds for the better, they succeeded in expanding the circle of people affected by their personalities and confident in their abilities, so they have a group that looks at them as role models and positive energy that gives them impulses of hope during the steps of their goals. In fact, they are human beings who are not very different from us, but they set the direction of their compass, held the responsibility of life, and knew the value of their minds, and how to manage and use them to have an impact. Some of them are a nuclear energy scientist, and among them is a psychologist, and among them is a philosopher.

But whoever contemplates the pages of the influential greats, he sees that they entered history from its widest doors, when they made their way between the rocks, faced the most severe difficulties, and went through stages that exhausted the mind before the body, and their hearts almost said enough, but they endured their wounds and comforts in order to reach maturity.

However, the dilemma that surrounds us today is evading the burden of responsibilities, and evading their burdens, although the nation today is in dire need of a generation that ascends it towards a better future than it is living in the current era. And make the effort to bring our nation back to wrestling nations with its strength and the awareness of its youth.

Many flimsy reasons may call them to evade the responsibility surrounding them, including fear of failure and the unknown, inability to confront, organize and manage, weak personality and lack of boldness, raising parents on laziness and idleness, the surrounding society and its exclusionary views, and other reasons.

Doing good and making an impact is not a condition that they are always materialistic, so do good with knowledge, advice, or service and benefit, and you will feel that you have begun to make a change, and make the difference that distinguishes you from others, and achieves you self-satisfaction, and for that do not underestimate With the little things that you think are nothing, they are the ones that make an impact for you in your life and after your departure, and the doors of good are many, so congratulations to those who make a good impact for him everywhere he crosses, so do not belittle anything from the favor no matter how small it is.

And the influencers were mostly young people, and they did not settle for the stumbling blocks of days and the obstacles of circumstances, and they did what they did with high determination and setting goals, and aiming their arrows towards them and running behind them, to catch their catch and the product of focusing on them, and creating opportunities to obtain them do not wait for them, and wait for them to happen, perhaps time will encounter them, and to stand on the ruins The past that enjoys passion for a while, without preparing for the future and urging steps to achieve goals where the mind stands reminding them.

These “ influential people ” are the ones who devote their energies to researching issues of concern to the nation as a whole, and advancing the ideas of its youth, albeit at a slow but steady pace, that spreads awareness and a sense of responsibility to make the individual a group, and the group is a nation of positively influential youth that brings benefit and goodness to him and his nation.

We are all created to live for a period of time and leave, so be a good influence for everyone who lived with you or passed on your way. Hence, we must realize that responsibility concerns us all, “the nation needs everyone.” We will not reach our societies to a stage in which we compete with the world, unless new distinguished minds emerge – intellectually, politically and culturally – struggling to build awareness in each of the peoples of our Arab countries. From the Maghreb, through the Levant, to the island of Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

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