Youtube Premium: What is YouTube Premium? Features and cost of subscription

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Years ago, Google launched a new service called YouTube Premium Youtube Permium that provides additional benefits to YouTube users, a service that has begun to reach users in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and others during the past months, and the ability to watch YouTube videos without any ads is the best feature available to subscribers In YouTube Premium.

What is YouTube Premium? 

YouTube Premium can be abbreviated, as indicated by the name, in that it is a service that provides additional features to YouTube users, in exchange for a monthly subscription, instead of the ability to use YouTube for free. Even televisions.

What are the advantages of YouTube Premium Youtube Premium?

Youtube Premium Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium provides users with a set of important features, most notably: 

  • Watch YouTube videos without any ads.
  • Save YouTube videos on smartphones to watch them later without an internet connection.
  • Play YouTube videos in the background, whether working on other apps or even when the screen is off, which allows listening for non-watching videos on the go.
  • Listen to songs and audio via YouTube Music without any ads.
  • Save songs and playlists in YouTube Music to play them directly from the phone later without the need for an Internet connection.
  • Play music and audio clips with the YouTube Music app when the screen is off.
  • Watch YouTube Kids videos without ads, with the ability to save them to watch later, offline or when there is no internet.
  • Watch all series and movies produced by YouTube YouTube Originals .
  • Take advantage of YouTube Premium features through Nest smart screens and speakers, such as the Nest Hub , and through Chromecast devices such as ChromeCast 2020 .

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How to unsubscribe YouTube Premium Permium? 

And the YouTube Permium subscription can be canceled easily through the web or through the YouTube application for both Android and iPhone, by clicking on the profile picture, then “purchases and subscriptions”, from which the services the user subscribes to will appear with the ability to cancel them with one click.

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