Top 10 Cyber Security Web Sites


The Hacker News (#1)

The Hacker News provides in-depth coverage of “current and future trends in Infosec and how they are affecting the cyber world,” as well as the newest cybersecurity news. Data breaches, cyber assaults, vulnerabilities, and malware are all key areas of concern. “Leading security researchers, geeks, techies, business graduates, CISOs, and hundreds of security professionals” are among its 8 million monthly users.

IT Security Guru (#2)

IT Security is a daily news digest covering the latest developments in the IT security field. They include articles, films, seminars, analyses, case studies, and even a section dedicated to the most current cybersecurity scams, where they highlight recent intrusions.

Security Weekly (#3)

The blog, which showcases the work of industry veteran Paul Asadoorian, includes webcasts and a number of IT Security video programs that may be listened to or seen on a variety of platforms such as iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and others.

Infosecurity Magazine(#4)

For the last decade, Infosecurity Magazine has provided readers with cutting-edge cybersecurity news in both print and online editions. Infosecurity Magazine provides frequent (free) webinars, whitepapers, and virtual conferences in addition to its numerous articles.

Schneier on Security (#5)

Since 2004, Bruce Schneier has written about security on his blog, Schneier on Security. He is a special adviser to IBM Security and the CTO of IBM Resilient, a Harvard fellow, and the author of 13 books, and has been dubbed a “security genius” by The Economist. Bruce Schneier is an expert in security, as seen by his blog. If you’re interested in the security sector, this is one to bookmark.

Krebs on Security (#6)

Brian Krebs, a former Washington Post writer, writes this in-depth blog on security news and investigations. He is the author of “Spam Nation” and has been featured in The New York Times, Business Week, and, among other publications.

Naked Security (#7)

The Naked Security blog, which is published by Sophos, has received various accolades, including best business blog and best IT security blog, among others. Every day, the blog publishes many pieces that cover every aspect of computer security.

TaoSecurity (#8)

TaoSecurity, written by Richard Bejtlich, focuses on Chinese internet criminals and encompasses “digital security, strategic theory, and military history.” Bejtlich is the author of many security books. He was the previous Chief Security Strategist at FireEye and is now the Principal Security Strategist at Corelight Inc.

We Live Security (#9)

ESET’s award-winning blog,, contains security news and views from its researchers and security specialists throughout the globe. It is a source recognized by journalists and industry professionals for breaking cyber news, having won the 2018 Best Corporate Security Blog award from InfoSecurity Magazine’s European Security Blogger Awards. It also acts as a platform for the dissemination of some of ESET’s most high-profile cybersecurity findings.

ThreatPost (#10)

ThreatPost is a non-profit news organization that covers all aspects of security. They often post movies and podcasts in addition to digital essays.

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