15 tips for every e-marketer to increase productivity and organize time


There are many tasks required of any e-marketer, and in order to implement them to the fullest extent, he must organize time and increase productivity by all possible means.

This is what you will find, dear marketer, in this article, whatever the nature of your business:

  • A marketer in a company and you have a lot of tasks daily.
  • Marketer in the field of PPC and you have to follow a lot of numbers every day.
  • Affiliate marketer and tired of the many things you have to keep track of.
  • Independent marketer and want to organize work with different clients.

I think that you will find in the 15 tips for organizing time and increasing productivity in the coming lines what will benefit you, God willing, in your work so that you achieve better results, and spend more time on your other interests and with your family.

Some of what you will learn in the next few minutes:

  • The best automation tools to help you with your work.
  • How to follow all the sites and platforms you need from one place.
  • How to use one program to keep track of all your emails, accounts on social media, and even different chat applications.
  • The best time management tool for professionals.

And other information and tips to organize time and increase productivity, all in a simple and easy way, this is our habit of winners.

1- Rely on automation in everything

There are tools to automate any task you do whatever your business or the task you are doing such as:

  • Marketing through social media .
  • Search engine optimization .
  • Post content on your different sites.
  • Follow up on PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Affiliate Marketing .

Find yourself these tools that help you automate the tasks required of you or at least help you finish them, and here are some examples:

And other tools that will make your life much easier, just select the tasks required of you, and find the tools that can help you with them.

And if you read these tips to the end, you will find one of the best automation tools in the world, which I think every professional e-marketer should learn and use.

2- Use the Feedly tool to follow news and websites

As long as you are an electronic marketer, this means that you are in constant search on the Internet, so let me ask you:

  • How many sites do you follow frequently to get new news and updates?
  • How many sites do you follow to find out statistics and information about a particular field or niche?
  • How many websites are you constantly looking for new templates or ideas?
  • How many competitor websites do you monitor or spy on?

Personally, I follow more than 45 websites mainly on a weekly basis. This is different from the websites that I follow from time to time, especially every four months to follow the news of the Quarter Reports.

That’s why I use the Feedly tool to keep track of what’s new in all of these sites from one place, and also leave some notes there that I can benefit from in some other tasks.

I recommend you to use this wonderful tool, and also to use Google Alerts tool if you want to keep up with the new on a particular topic.

You can have Google email you with the latest news or articles from a specific site or about a specific search word at the times you specify, which is very useful in many cases.

3- Use Franz to save time

We all have a lot of different accounts on a lot of sites like:

  • More than one Gmail account for work, private finances, and more.
  • More than one Facebook account for personal or business purposes.
  • More than one Slack server to follow the news, participate in different communities, or even work.
  • More than one account on social networking sites.
  • More than one account for communication and conversation (Messenger – Whatsapp – Telegram) and others.

There are other tools you may rely on, what do you think if you can open all these different platforms and accounts from one place on your computer?

This is what you can do using the wonderful Franz program , which you can take advantage of most of its features for free, I advise you to try it yourself.

But you should know that because of the capabilities of this program and its dealing with more than one API at a time, it may consume not a small part of the power of the data processor (Processor) in your computer, so I advise you not to leave it running for long periods.

4- Use a time management tool that suits you

Tools for organizing time and increasing productivity are many and different at different levels, and for this, God willing, we will soon make a complete guide around them so that we can help you choose the right ones.

But my advice to you is to determine the method in which you manage your time first before choosing a tool, and for this I advise you to read the article “ The Best Time Management Methods Developed by Experts ”

In this article, you will find strategies and methods suggested by the best minds in the field of time management and increased productivity, which many professionals in various fields rely on.

In general, you can choose one of the following tools or something similar:

  • Trello is a great and simple tool that I personally tried and would recommend to beginners or those looking for simplicity.
  • Todoist is a very good tool for taking notes and dividing tasks .
  • Notion : The best productivity-boosting tool for professionals I can rely on right now .

I would not recommend Notion to anyone because it can be complicated and takes time to learn, especially if you have not dealt with the idea of ​​databases before.

But if you are a professional content marketer, responsible for managing a team, or have a lot of tasks, then this tool that the best professionals in the world rely on is for you.

But remember that you are the one organizing the time, and the tools are just a helping hand.

5- Set a time for everything

Never leave yourself hanging between one task and another unattended, for this you have to set a time for anything you do, the time does not have to be accurate, the important thing is that there is time.

For example, if you are working on a marketing campaign or design a piece of content , set yourself a time to work on this task only, and never distract yourself.

This time management and productivity booster tip for marketers helps:

  • Monitor yourself and see how long it takes to finish a particular task.
  • Focus and stay away from anything that might distract you.
  • Order the tasks more precisely.

Apply this advice now and you will see the results for yourself.

6- Never use social media while working

Following social media all the time is the scourge of humans in this era, and the online marketer is no exception, as we also follow social media avidly.

Even if it’s for work, you might see yourself following some news in one of the Facebook groups, then opening another story, or chatting with some friends, and you might see an exciting story in your News Feed.

Then you are surprised that you entered this black hole called social media and wasted your time, so you must kill this habit in all possible ways.

try to:

  • Put your phone away while you work.
  • Block social networking sites on your computer if you cannot monitor yourself ( you can make another user on Windows and the size of these sites in it, you will find it easy ).
  • Set a specific time for the tasks as I told you earlier.

This way you are away from one of the most distracting sources anyone encounters on the job.

7- Use Google extensions to save some time

There are many Google add-ons that can help you with many tasks such as:

  • Do a quick analysis of some sites.
  • Take a quick screenshot of anything you want to save.
  • Find out the search volume and click price on Google.
  • Writing and taking notes.

And other tasks that may seem simple, but they take some time that you can save yourself, and if you want to know the best of these extensions on the Chrome browser, you will find them in the following article.

8- Use templates for anything possible

If you are constantly writing emails, articles, or even designing some landing pages , you know that oftentimes you use the same elements or even words.

So why not make ready-made templates for yourself to use whenever you want, and save yourself a lot of time and effort in drafting or designing.

Creating templates or layouts is very simple, and many professionals rely on them even in design or video production.

You can add these templates in many of the tools that you rely on in your day (Google Sheets – Google Docs) and other tools.

You can also add these templates in the time management tools we talked about earlier.

9- Follow the 80/20 rule in setting priorities

One of the most important time management tips I have learned in my life, especially while studying, is to rely on the famous 80/20 rule, which applies to many activities in life.

This rule states: 80% of the results you achieve depend on only 20% of the activities you do.

For example, if you are a student, 80% of your result at the end of the year will depend only on 20% of what you remember, and if you are a marketer, then 80% of the profits you will achieve will depend only on 20% of your marketing campaigns.

We can give many examples on various marketing topics such as (traffic – platforms and marketing channels) and others.

I think you know that 20% that determines your success or not, so all I advise you to do is focus on that 20% and give it your best time of the day.

And if you want to outpace your competition, why not give that 20% more time?

10- Refer to external sources when needed

I think you are familiar with the concept of Outsourcing, whether you work in a company or individually, so try to take advantage of this principle whenever you get the opportunity.

Remember that time is more important than money , so if there are some tasks that you do not master or that are not a priority for you, have someone help you with them.

Then you will save yourself some time that you can use to focus on the skills you master, or to get more profits and customers.

There are many freelancers platforms in almost all fields, in which you will find qualified people to help you, and you can use specialized companies if this suits you.

11- Change your workplace from time to time

Having your own place in which to focus on your work and enter the appropriate mood – which was called ( Mod Monster ) – is a good thing and increases your productivity.

But with time, you need to change, you need to renew the activity and break some habits from time to time in order to recharge your energy, so if you are working on:

  • Organizing a marketing campaign.
  • Write an important announcement copy.
  • Write some articles.
  • Landing page design.
  • Or even just research and spy on competitors.

Try to go to the co-working spaces, or maybe go to a cafeteria with a good internet to work there, you will find a big difference in the atmosphere and recharge your energy.

12- Look for productivity, not perfection

If you have to choose between two options:

  • The first: to complete the task required of you in one hour and with very good quality.
  • The second / to complete the task required of you in 3 hours with excellent quality.

So which of the two options would you choose? I think you know what I mean by this question, remember that you are not an artist, you are a marketer, and you do not strive for perfection, but for results.

The second option is great and may make you get words of praise or pride, but the first option will make you produce three times as much as the second.

Personally, I learned this lesson the hard way, and I’d be lying to you if I told you I’ve been perfectionism forever , but I’ve learned that productivity is much better in every way.

And do not worry in terms of quality, with time you will reach great results and improve until you reach a level that exceeds your ambitions, especially since you will depend on the results to judge your work, not your personal appreciation.

13- Keep in mind that everything takes longer

Everything is taking longer than you expect, so keep this in mind as you plan anything, 20% more than expected.

If everything is fine, you have some time to rest, but if the opposite happens – and often will happen – you have additional time so as not to affect your other tasks or be late for the appointments you agreed upon.

14- Learn how to use the amazing Zapier tool

Zapier is the best automation tool in the world that is suitable for a large segment of people, you do not need to be a programmer to use it.

I’m not going to tell you about the awesome possibilities that this giant tool offers, nor about how it can be used to automate most of your daily tasks.

Because if I did, this article would be very, very long, so I’ll let you explore this tool for yourself.

15- Organize your break times

Rest is an important source of time management and productivity , especially if you are required to do a lot of tasks in one day, so you have to rest and separate each task from the other, or even while carrying out one task.

Never underestimate the necessity of rest, as your mind needs it to renew its activity and vitality, and also do not forget to sleep, too much staying up late will harm you more than it benefits you a lot.

I wish you success and I hope that these 15 tips for organizing time and increasing productivity for marketers are useful to you, and if so, why not share them with others so that they benefit?

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