The “Yashma” variant of Chaos Ransomware has been discovered in the wild


The latest iteration of the Chaos ransomware family, named Yashma, has been revealed by cybersecurity researchers.

“Though the Chaos ransomware constructor has only been in the market for a year, Yashma claims to be the sixth version (v6.0) of this virus,” claimed BlackBerry’s research and intelligence team in a report shared with The Hacker News.

Chaos is a customized ransomware constructor that first appeared in underground forums on June 9, 2021, falsely claiming to be the.NET version of Ryuk despite having no similarities with the infamous predecessor.

Because it is for sale, any criminal actor may buy the builder and create their own ransomware strains, transforming it into a formidable danger.

It has now gone through five modifications to improve its functionality: version 2.0 on June 17, version 3.0 on July 5, version 4.0 on August 5, and version 5.0 in early 2022.

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