Walking the tightrope of multicloud networks

More than ever, enterprise CIOs are turning to a multi-cloud strategy to help their organizations meet a variety of challenges. Managing remote workforces, meeting...

Learn How Hackers Can Hijack Your Online Accounts Even Before You Create Them

Malicious actors can gain unauthorized access to users' online accounts via a new technique called "account pre-hijacking," new research has found. The attack takes aim at the account creation process that's ubiquitous in websites and other online platforms, enabling an adversary to perform a set of actions before an unsuspecting victim creates an account in a target service. The study was led

Tik Tok promotes digital well-being with time management tools

TikTok has announced new digital wellbeing tools that encourage users to take a break from the app after long sessions and help them control...

Threats to the Domain Name System (DNS) are on the rise

Businesses have shifted their emphasis since the epidemic, aiming for a completely computerized corporate model. As a result, practically every organization has become a...

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