Lenovo announces YOGA L5 Table Lamp with 10W wireless charging base


Lenovo has added another new product to its interesting lineup, the Lenovo YOGA L5 Lamp. The product will be officially launched on May 24 along with other products.

Lenovo YOGA L5 is the first table lamp under the YOGA brand of Lenovo, and the biggest feature of this lamp is the 10W wireless charging pad that serves as the lamp base. The wireless charging base is compatible with a variety of devices, and this design helps reduce the number of accessories on the workstation.

The YOGA lamp is designed with 72 full spectrum lamp beads, the strobe light and blue light can be precisely controlled by the dual LED light chip. The built-in intelligent light-sensitive module also automatically senses changes in ambient light and darkness, making the emitted light more stable.

The lamp is said to have passed China’s AA certification standard and AAA level health lighting standard. The light-emitting guide plate structure ensures uniform light distribution, and the luminaire diameter is up to 140mm.Users can adjust the color temperature with one key, and adapt to the cold color temperature is useful for working and studying. Adapting to the warm color temperature is also suitable for evening reading.

Furthermore, there are 10 levels of stepless touch dimming using the visible brightness bar on the edge of the base, which also doubles as a wireless charging pad.There is no information yet on pricing and availability but we hope this product will be released outside of China.


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