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An opportunity, but .. WhatsApp doubles the number of group chat members


The WhatsApp administration has announced updates to the new WhatsApp groups, which include new admin tools, subgroups, voice chats for 32 people, and others.

But that is not all, WhatsApp has allowed the ability to gradually add up to 512 people to a group chat, and this is a significant expansion that may facilitate a set of new use and communication options, by doubling the number of group members.

Although the order is under implementation and has not yet emerged, some doubt that WhatsApp’s steps may open the door to criminal activities or the dissemination of misinformation or harmful content, with more than 2 billion users of the application worldwide.

At the height of the Corona pandemic in 2020, WhatsApp launched restrictions on message forwarding through the application, in order to combat the disinformation campaigns flowing through the chats, and this measure resulted in a 70% decrease in the number of messages forwarded. 

Despite the concerns, doubling the number of group chat members could open up new opportunities for marketers to create branded groups on WhatsApp where they can offer exclusive offers to their most loyal and engaged customers by doubling their number in one place.

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