Four features we expect to see in the iPad Pro 2022



Four features we expect to see in iPad Pro 2022

Apple is expected to announce a new generation of iPad Pro in 2022. Since the rumors about this tablet have been going for months, there are some features that are very likely to be available with this new generation of iPad Pro.

MagSafe Support

One of the main features available on the new MacBook Pro and on the iPhone is MagSafe compatibility. For the iPad Pro 2022, it looks like Apple can finally adopt this technology on the tablet.

While it was initially thought that the company would be making full glass for this device, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as the iPad Pro will be much more fragile and heavy.

Apple plans to make a larger logo on the back of the iPad with a glass coating. This would help in transmitting energy through the tablet.

miniLED and LCD options for the 2022 iPad Pro

When rumors started about the 2022 iPad Pro, it was believed that both devices would feature a miniLED display. Now, analysts Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo have said that Apple will keep the LCD technology for the smaller 11-inch iPad due to higher production costs.

Improved battery life

A source has confirmed that Apple is working on a new iPad Pro with a larger battery, with some users complaining that the Magic Keyboard is causing immoderate battery drain.

However, while Apple always promises up to 10 hours of battery life, that means this iPad can handle the most demanding tasks for longer — or at least, more time connected to the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

M2 Processor Coming to iPad Pro 2022

After Apple surprised everyone by adding an M1 processor to the iPad Pro, it is likely that the company will add an upgraded version of this processor to the upcoming 2022 iPad Pro. Naturally, this iPad will have an M2 processor.

The same source also confirmed that this new iPad will include this new processor. It should be faster than the M1, but it won’t beat the M1 Pro, Max or Ultra processor.

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