learn laravel from scratch


You can use great web applications. learn laravel from scratch. Today I will tell you how I learned Laravel, the rising frame of our time. And I think it could be a roadmap for teachers who want to learn it from scratch.


  • Familiarity with PHP and HTML
  • Basic knowledge of mySQL or MongoDB.
  • Being aware of the form view control structure
  • Find out how to use composer.

How to learn Laravel?

1. Don’t start with official documents

First seen arrivals are seen on the back of the official Laravel Gallery. Don’t get me wrong – the docs are great! But, the system already expects some knowledge of PHP and modern tools.

2. You have to learn PHP and HTML basics

It may sound funny, but it looks like more and more people are trying to get Laravel without first learning PHP. Those who try to use jQuery without learning any JavaScript. Stop being deceived and start the basics.
In general, I advise you to influence at least a simple project through a normal PHP without framework. You will then have a better understanding of PHP which will allow you to function inside Laravel more efficiently.

3. From where I learn ( Books, Courses, or Videos) ?

The information you want to consume is properly organized. You can’t just take random articles or videos from YouTube – you won’t be able to get the desired result. You need to explain the information in a steady flow, step by step. Otherwise, you lose your ideas and will not be able to understand more lessons.

This is, by the way, the main difference between free lessons and premium online lessons. Please get more information freely available. This is partially true, but if this path is specified, you will have to spend a lot of time trying to compile it. Paid courses or courses are discounted. Because the information is prepared appropriate, because your topic is suitable for the topic.

Here you can find many free courses related to PHP and Laravel.





Here very good video course from YouTube about create a cms with laravel

create a cms with laravel | Laravel 8 Building a Simple CMS

4. Read and practice! Spend more time on writing code.

It is impossible to learn any programming without writing code. Don’t spend a lot of time reading books or watching videos; Start coding as soon as possible. In fact, after completing each lesson or section, immediately try it in practice.

In general, I advise you to try to create a test project during the learning process. It makes the process not only more realistic, but more motivating. Without a proper goal and results in mind, it is emotionally difficult to continue learning the theory.

Learn how to learn! Even for the small things. Sometimes, you will be stuck on one step.

Search on google and StackOverflow.Even if you take long time, read what is the wrong with your code and how it works.

Try to find a mentor. To follow up with you to learn laravel from scratch. 

Do not give up!

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