create a cms with laravel | Laravel 8 Building a Simple CMS


This course is free on You can watch it and learn how to create a cms with laravel. It is course with about 7 hours of explanation very clear in English.  Laravel is considered as the best PHP Frameworks for Web Development in 2021.

In this laravel 8 livewire tutorial series, we will build a simple CMS (Content Management System) using laravel 8 with livewire. This video covers the basic installation process with laravel using laravel 8. This laravel 8 livewire tutorial series will help you understand the process of building real-world applications using laravel 8 with livewire. You will be surprised how simple and straightforward it is to build such an amazing but seemingly complicated web application such as a content management system using laravel 8 with livewire. This laravel 8 livewire tutorial series will help you build a simple CMS (Content Management System) using laravel 8.


  • Being familiar with PHP and HTML (you can easily learn using W3school)
  • Basic knowledge of mySQL or MongoDB.
  • Being aware of the Model-View-Controller structure \
  • Knowing how to use Composer.

Here the play list link:

Here are the lessons, each video is clear in lines:



0:53 – Publish jetstream views
1:21 – Prepare Page model
2:20 – Prepare livewire Pages Component
2:34 – Prepare livewire Frontpage Component
2:52 – Add Laravel Trix WYSWYG editor
3:53 – Update the routes
8:57 – Use the jetstream button
9:18 – Using PHPDoc Comment extension for documentation
10:52 – Adding the Jetstream Modal
12:21 – Adding form elements to Jetstream Modal content body
14:33 – Add Trix markup to your Jetstream Modal
15:18 – Update app.css for some styling
16:56 – Add the create functionality for the pages
20:24 – Add the rules validation in your livewire component
22:31 – Add action for specific livewire hook (updated) for public property/variable
23:07 – Add generate slug function base on the title (bonus)


0:25 – Create the Read Functionality
1:10 – Display results in the data table
5:29 – Create a function to show our modal for the update operation
6:00 – Create the $modelId variable that will hold the value of the currently selected item
6:28 – Create a function to load the data that we currently selected item
7:48 – Create two buttons for the create and update inside the jetstream modal
11:39 – Adding pagination for our datatable
13:24 – Reset the pagination in the mount function
14:30 – Display the slug link in the data table
15:28 – Add the delete confirmation modal for our delete functionality
20:21 – Ignore the unique when there is a value in the $modelId
20:52 – Create a full-page livewire component
21:05 – Adding routes our pages to the main route
22:15 – Change the layout of your full-page livewire component
23:17 – Checking if our params for the URL slug is passed to the livewire view
24:34 – Retrieve the content of the page











I hope now, you already learn to create a cms with laravel.

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