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Everyday Writing with a Rich Text Editor

In your web application, create attractively styled content. Trix is a WYSIWYG editor for creating basic documents such as messages, comments, articles, and lists, which make up the majority of web applications. It has a complex document model, supports embedded attachments, and generates concise and consistent HTML.

Basecamp, the founders of Ruby on Rails, released Trix as an open-source project. Basecamp is trusted by millions of users, and we designed Trix to provide them with the finest editing experience imaginable. The all-new Basecamp 3 features Trix in action.

What the f*ck is going on with this?

The first component output is rendered by Livewire alongside the page (like a Blade include). It’s SEO-friendly in this manner.
Livewire sends an AJAX request to the server with the updated data whenever an interaction happens.
The component is re-rendered by the server and the updated HTML is returned.
Then, based on the changes, Livewire intelligently mutates the DOM.

Trix supports all evergreen, self-updating desktop and mobile browsers, and is built for the modern web.

Custom Elements, Mutation Observer, and Promises are just a few of the new web standards used in Trix. All browsers are expected to adopt these standards at some point in the future. Trix contains polyfills for any lacking functionality in the meanwhile.

To learn how to install

How to Install and Use Trix Editor in Laravel

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