What is Snapchat Web for PC? How do you use it?


Today, Snapchat officially announced the Snapchat Web, which allows users of the Snapchat application to chat with friends and many other features directly through computers, similar to what Whatsapp offers through WhatsApp Web.

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What is Snapchat Web Snapchat Web? 

According to Snap, Snapchat for Web allows users of the application to message with friends over the web through its computers, including basic features such as text conversations and interacting with messages, in addition to the ability to make voice calls and video calls, which is the feature Necessary in light of the increased reliance on computers in video meetings, Snap also said that it will provide more features later, most notably the Lenses feature.

Snapchat Web

While Snap promotes itself as a camera-based company and its apps, including AR apps, the company also positions itself as a messaging app, saying that more than 100 million people connect to each other on Snapchat every month, who spend The average is over 30 minutes a day, and the company said chatting is usually the last thing people do before Snapchat shuts down.

How do you use the Snapchat Web feature? 

To take advantage of the features of chatting through the Snapchat application through computers, all users have to do is open the service website and log in with the Snapchat account, through the Google Chrome browser only. (useful google chrome features you should know)

For whom is snapchat web available? When is it available? 

But the ability to chat with friends via Snapchat through computers Snapchat Web is only available to subscribers of Snapchat Plus, the service that the company recently announced and provides users with additional exclusive benefits for a subscription of $ 4 per month.

The new feature of using Snapchat to chat on computers is now available to Snapchat Plus subscribers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and it will be available later to all users of the app around the world who are subscribers to Snapchat Plus.


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