The Director of the Cyber ​​Security Unit on Tik Tok has stepped down


TikTok announced that the head of the global cybersecurity unit, Roland Cloutier, will step down, as of next September.

TikTok said that the director of the global security unit will leave his position on September 2, as the US regulatory scrutiny against the communication application continues.

The Director of the Cyber ​​Security Unit at Tik Tok Company has stepped down

According to businessinsider , Roland Cloutier will step down amid renewed calls from members of the government to look into the social media app’s ties to China.

TikTok explained that Cloutier, who oversees cybersecurity on its platform, will be replaced by Kim Albarilla, who has been appointed the interim head of the global security organization affiliated with TikTok.

Meanwhile, Cloutier will move to a consultant job at the company to focus on the commercial impact of TikTok ‘s security and trust programs . ByteDance is under increasing scrutiny from US officials.

A spokesperson for TikTok told the Wall Street Journal that the decision to replace Roland Cloutier as the chief security officer is not related to any data privacy concerns, as the Chinese video-sharing application faces increased scrutiny by US regulatory authorities over the use of personal data. .

The reconfiguration of its global security team follows a BuzzFeed News report that revealed TikTok employees in China had access to the company’s US user data. At the same time, TikTok said it is transferring US users’ data to Oracle servers stored in the US

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