Samsung announces the date of its Unpacked conference on August 10 by posting a simple puzzle!


The Korean company has always been used to creativity in hinting at the details of the Unpacked conferences in which it unveils its flagship products. Last year, Samsung Galaxy phone users noticed that when asked Bixby voice assistant about the date of the Unpacked conference – that year – the answer came in the form of Morse code The date of the conference was revealed on August 11th, and today, Samsung used a different method to hint at the date of the upcoming conference, and this time the puzzle was available to everyone via the company’s Twitter account to try to solve.

Where the Samsung Mobile account posted three images, the first contains a set of random letters, symbols and numbers, then the second comes with a set of colors and the last image asks “When will something greater come?” With 6 colors arranged in one line.

The solution to the puzzle is very simple, as the letters and numbers in the first image reflect the colors in the second image, for example, the first color from the left (pink) represents the letter “G”. From this idea, all we will need is to identify the colors in the third image, and know the letters, numbers or symbols that they represent, and to make it easier, we placed the first image above the second, and explained the required colors, and this was the result:

Now, after putting the words on the colors and identifying the colors in the last image, we get the following numbers: 100822, which reveals the date of the Unpacked conference, August 10th. The same date indicated by the leaks previously.

Products expected to be revealed at the upcoming Unpacked conference

Since the leaks were correct regarding the date of the Unpacked conference, this means that the other leaks are also accurate, and therefore we can confirm that Samsung will reveal new foldable phones represented in the Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4 in addition to the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro All products are no different from last year’s versions in terms of design, but rather are improved versions with better hardware.

Samsung was able to achieve great success in foldable devices last year, and the concept of foldable phones began to spread more among consumers, especially that the Korean company provided a high degree of durability, and even resistance to water and dust as well, and an appropriate price category with regard to the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, it was the first cooperation between Samsung and Google, and Samsung’s first attempt to dispense with the Tizen system for smart watches and adopt Android Wear, and the result of this cooperation was an increase in Samsung’s acquisition of the smart watch market to become 10% in exchange for a decrease in Apple sales by 2 % Approximately.

Stay tuned for our full coverage of Unpacked as always!

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