The feature to edit and delete messages from iMessage arrives with the iOS 16 update

Apple has added a new feature to the new iPhone operating system iOS 16, the feature for its iMessage chat app, which would allow you to edit or unsend a text message sent through the app.

According to news reports, the new Apple feature allows users of the iMessage application on iPhone phones, to edit or cancel sending a message, within only 15 minutes of sending it, but it is required that the other party or recipient is using iOS 16, iPadOS 16 or macOS.

Apple offers this feature for its messaging application, to keep up with competing instant chat applications such as Signal, WhatsApp and Viber, all of which contain the feature of canceling sending messages, which is “delete for everyone”, so Apple decided to add it to its messaging system with the iOS 16 update.

The feature to edit and delete messages from iMessage arrives with the iOS 16 update

How to Edit or Unsend Sent on iMessage with iOS 16

First: Edit messages:

Press and hold on the message, and from the drop-down menu click Edit, then add the edit to your message and click the check mark to the right of the message to send the correction, or click the close (x) icon to the left of the message if you change your mind about Change the text.

Second: Delete messages:

Press and hold the message, and from the drop-down menu, click Undo Send, and the message will disappear immediately.

If you long tap the message after 15 minutes have passed, the Undo Send option will not work and the Edit option will not appear in the iMessage dropdown menu.

Meanwhile, editing and unsending is currently not available to all iMessage stable users, but only a very small percentage of users participating in the iOS 16 public beta can test the new feature right now.

But the “Delete Messages for Everyone” feature is expected to reach users of the stable version of the iMessage application, this fall, as soon as Apple announces the official release of the iOS 16 update at the launch of the expected iPhone 14 series this year, and it will be rolled out to everyone, starting with iPhone 8 users. or newer, a large part of the smartphone market.

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