Instagram allows iPhone users to delete the account


Meta-owned Instagram has introduced a new option that lets you choose to delete or deactivate your account within the platform via iOS in order to comply with Apple’s updated App Store review guidelines that now require all apps that offer account creation to include in-app account deletion as well. .

This means that it is now possible to delete your Instagram account directly from the mobile application.

Previously, users needed to log into Instagram through a web browser on a computer or mobile phone in order to delete the account. The company said it is now offering this option within its iOS app.

Previously, you could deactivate the account through the app. But this does not delete your data from the Instagram servers.

And the app itself did not provide any information about the complete deletion option. As a result, many users have resorted to the option of deactivating accounts instead of deleting.

A Meta spokesperson said: “We want to give people more ways to control their experience and the time they spend on Instagram. We’ve introduced the option to delete your account in Settings via iOS, and you still have the option to temporarily disable your account before choosing to delete it.

In the event that you choose to delete the account through the application, the company gives you 30 days to cancel the decision before the deletion takes place.

This is in line with Apple’s guidelines where the company says it’s acceptable for account deletion to take time after starting. However, the option also works in the same way as deactivation.

This means that the option gives users a period during which they can reconsider whether they want to leave the app entirely. And if they launch the app again within that time frame, their account will not be queued for deletion.

Instagram introduces account deletion option to comply with Apple policy

Apple notified developers in May that it is introducing a mandatory policy that includes account deletion methods in apps from June 30.

The Cupertino-based company said apps that don’t comply with these rules may experience review delays when updates are sent.

And the company explained in its guidelines: If your app supports account creation, you should also offer to delete the account within the app. The Applications may not require Users to enter personal information to function, except when it is directly related to the basic functions of the Application or where required by law.

The company stated that the option to disable the account will not be enough. It specified that apps must offer to delete the entire account history, along with the personal data associated with it. Applications can include additional options. But offering only to deactivate or temporarily disable the account is not enough.

Instagram is still highlighting the deactivation option as the primary option with a big button that encourages users to click. Meanwhile, the delete option is not highlighted below.

Many other apps are now also in line with Apple’s new policy. WhatsApp and Signal offer the option to delete the account within their apps.

However, Spotify only provides a link to the account deletion page. While Telegram also does not offer an option to delete the account.

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