Twitter provides turning on or off closed captioning to iOS and Android apps


Twitter now offers the option to turn on or off the closed captions feature in its mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Twitter announced via a tweet that toggling closed captions is now available to all Twitter users for Android or iOS. The Twitter ad described the new mobile app feature as a “CC” button that works with videos with captions enabled.


On the other hand, Twitter confirmed earlier this week that it is working on a built-in “Notes” feature that will allow users to type a long text instead of having to link to an article or blog they wrote.

Currently, the number of tweets is limited to 280 characters. The Feedback feature is currently under testing and is only available in certain regions such as the United States, Ghana, and Canada.

Notes will be a separate section in the app where Twitter users will be able to write their long-form content in the “Write” tab. This long note can then be included in a tweet for later posting.

Twitter also mentioned that a group of writers helped the platform test the feature by posting notes with other tweets, photos and videos embedded in it.

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