Tik Tok “slaps” Facebook and earns users’ trust


ByteDance, the developer and owner of the famous Tik Tok application, managed to outperform a new round of competition with Meta-Facebook previously, and succeeded in an issue related to preserving the privacy of users, to be able to gain more confidence, especially with the audience of the United States of America.

Tik Tok and Facebook are engaged in a strong struggle for control in the field of social networks, and the American company considered its Chinese counterpart, the first source of danger to its kingdom, from the most famous communication platforms in the past years.

And Tik Tok announced that it had begun directing American users’ data to servers owned by the US-based Oracle Corporation, after it was accused of storing data in its servers inside China, which is a source of danger to users, especially in light of the tense relationship between the two countries.

Several reports had claimed that Meta was behind reports and moved the US federal government to examine Tik Tok and how it deals with user data from within the United States, after the Chinese application reached unprecedented numbers of daily active users from within the country.

tik tok

attack on tik tok

The short video application has faced years of criticism for potentially revealing the data of American users to China, the country of the parent company ByteDance. In 2020, former President Donald Trump threatened the application and its direct responsibility to impose a nationwide ban, and tried to force the company to separate its US assets from ByteDance, because he sees it as a threat to national security.

Despite Trump’s departure from the White House, the TikTok administration decided to get rid of any future threats that hinder its expansion and successes, and began cooperating with the American database company Oracle, in order to store American users’ data from the platform inside the United States only, to be the government’s first control. local and to address any risks that may be exposed to its citizens.

TikTok completely refused to sell its assets in the United States, preferring to entrust the task of preserving the data to an American company with which it has a good relationship.

Albert Kalamog, Head of TikTok Security in the US, said: “For more than a year, we and Oracle have collaborated on many actions as part of our business relationship to improve the protection of our app and systems and the data security of US users, and now a 100% transfer of US user data is transferred to Oracle servers, and we aim to remove any doubt about the security of US user data.”

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