META launches a digital store to buy clothes for your avatar


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company is launching a digital clothing store called Meta Avatar Store .

Zuckerberg’s announcement came during a live broadcast on the Instagram platform with Eva Chen, Instagram’s vice president of fashion partnerships.

It is not known how many people might want to shell out money to decorate their avatars with designer clothes. But Zuckerberg sees the new fashion clothing options as a way for users to express themselves through their avatars.

The new virtual store is launched across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. It allows users to purchase digital clothing for their avatar.

The store starts appearing next week, initially offering digital clothing from Balenciaga, Prada and Tom Brown. Apparel includes motocross uniforms, logo hoodies, and bodysuits.

Luxury fashion houses are increasingly collaborating with technology companies to create branded digital clothing. And last year, Fortnite introduced Balenciaga skins so players could purchase clothing like a branded jacket for their in-game characters. In ROBLOX, players can visit the entire Gucci City with the brand’s theme park and a virtual store.

Meta has not disclosed any pricing information for this digital apparel. But it’s worth noting that free clothing options for meta avatars are still available.

META launches an avatar store

Zuckerberg said Meta plans to make the store an open marketplace where developers can create and sell clothing. We  are also launching our avatar store on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger so you can buy digital clothes to design your avatar. Digital goods are an important way to express yourself in Metaverse and a huge driver of the creative economy. I’m excited to add more brands and bring this to virtual reality soon as well.

The Meta Avatar Store starts appearing next week in the United States, Canada, Thailand and Mexico. The company plans to introduce new brands to the store soon.

The announcement comes after Meta has been promoting its avatars as it continues to invest in building metaverses. And earlier this year, Meta brought her holograms to Instagram. The updated avatars were also posted on Facebook and Messenger.

The update brought more expressions, faces, skin tone, and avatar access devices. The company is now also allowing users to bring the same avatar across all of its platforms, including VR headsets.

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