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This is how Apple mocked Microsoft at the WWDC 2022 Apple Developers Conference!


Apple topped the headlines and news in the recent period after holding the annual Apple Developers Conference MWDC 2022, in which it had a lot to talk about, starting with the iOS 16 update, which is one of the most important iPhone updates for years, and through updates for other systems such as the Apple Watch and iPad devices, and of course we do not forget Disclosure of the M2 chip and the new generation of MacBook devices.

But this is not the focus of our discussion today, but we will shed light on a scene that the majority may not have noticed, which, despite its simplicity, carries a lot of hidden messages and direct ridicule from Microsoft and competitors in the computer industry in a very clever way.

This irony was represented when the company started talking about the Passkey feature, a new addition in which Apple intends to dispense with traditional passwords and rely on the means of biometrics and facial recognition technologies found in iPhones.

Passkeys . Service

Then the American Apple started talking about that this new feature will be supported even through devices manufactured outside the company, by using the iPhone to confirm your identity on other devices such as your personal computer running Windows, for example, and from here the indirect attack and mockery of competitors began when the company offered This image describes how the feature works on Windows computers:

Making fun of Windows computers

As shown in the picture, we find an ugly design for a laptop with huge edges. We believe that it is a design inspired by the “Sony Vaio S series” computer that was launched in 2010. Apple ignored all modern designs for Windows computers and chose the most ancient and ugly, as if it were It tries to hint to its audience indirectly that beautiful designs are the preserve of MacBooks only, and that this is what Windows computers look like.

Even if we consider that this is a “normal” design for one of the random computers that Apple did not care about decorating and just wanted to convey the idea, how do we explain those indicators that light up when using wireless networks or hard HDDs, which have been out of use for years?

Although the design seems to be a time-consuming computer, it somehow runs on Windows 11 which of course cannot be achieved due to the specifications imposed by Microsoft to be able to upgrade your device, but who knows? Apple may have read our article on how to install Windows even on a Toaster device !

This was the first blow that the American company had dealt to laptop manufacturers, in a clear denial of their designs, but it didn’t stop here, I want you to look at the picture again because it includes another painful blow to Microsoft.

Apple was meticulous enough to use Chrome in this illustration and avoid using Edge, which Microsoft is trying so hard to convince users of, and didn’t even try to delete the Edge icon from the background. The tasks are useless.

Apple’s message may be from that detail that many did not pay attention to criticizing Microsoft’s attempts to install the Edge browser on Windows systems, and its desperate attempts to outperform its competitor from Google.

Not the first time, Android phones have been a previous victim

Apple has a long history of attempts to indirectly distort the images of competitors. In 2021, during that year’s Apple Developer Conference, the company presented an ugly model of an anonymous Android phone, with the purpose of announcing that all platforms – Android or Windows – were allowed to join calls Face time.

Make fun of Android phones

This phone, which represents Android, came with a “notch” screen design with huge and uneven edges, and it does not look similar to us in any previously launched phone, but rather a design from the company’s imagination, a fake competitor created by the American Apple to show its audience its superiority over competitors and that its products precede them by years, so we find One of the latest iPhone phones next to it shows its advanced design, which makes it easy for you that it does not have any notch due to the use of a black background.

Also in 2015, Apple provided another slap, but this time for both Google and Microsoft at the same time, as it was talking about the Apple Music service and how it supports all platforms such as Android and Windows, and then reviewed it on the same computer design that we talked about, next to it another design for an Android phone Not completely attractive, although this year there were phones with an attractive design, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z5.

The image used to describe Apple and Microsoft products

Summary of the Apple Developers Conference.. The matter is not fleeting and carefully studied by Apple

One of the main factors for the continued success of the American company and its achievement of huge sales despite the spread of competitors at lower prices is the image that Apple has drawn for itself in the minds of consumers . It is constantly used by Apple at its annual conferences.

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