Apple may release a new MacBook Air today at WWDC 2022


Apple’s annual WWDC event is dedicated to software announcements, as the iPhone maker unveils next-generation operating systems for various hardware products. But Apple is also announcing new devices at the show, and WWDC 2022 may introduce such products.

Those who are expecting Apple to showcase its first generation augmented reality glasses at this event should know that most rumors say it won’t be the case.

But the same reports suggest that the MacBook Air 2022 update is coming at WWDC, with a last-minute leak indicating the laptop’s colors .

MacBook Air massive redesign

Last year, Apple offered customers a major upgrade to the MacBook Pro. The 2021 update brought more powerful versions of the M1 System-on-Chip (SoC) that Apple released in late 2020. Most importantly, the 2021 MacBook Pro features a massive redesign.

Apple may release a new MacBook Air today at WWDC 2022

The 2021 MacBook Pro has larger screens that stand out from the MacBook. Moreover, it comes with additional ports and MagSafe charging.

Finally, the keyboard is returning to the traditional form factor, with the Touch Bar being phased out. Altogether, Apple acknowledged criticism of the previous generation MacBook Pro’s design and fixed many of the issues customers highlighted.

However, the MacBook Air remained unchanged in 2021. Apple’s more expensive laptop didn’t receive the same major design change.

Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that Apple is working on a new MacBook Air design to match the Pro update.

One of the most exciting claims concerns the color options that Apple plans to release for the next generation MacBook Air. Rumors have said that the new Air will have a richer color palette than the Pro, mimicking the 2021 iMac.

Apple may release a new MacBook Air today at WWDC 2022

Last minute color rumors

The 2022 MacBook Air should feature a flat design and a more compact body compared to the new MacBook Pro. Some reports suggest that the laptop will also get top-notch processing, like the 2021 Pro. However, the new MacBook Air will have a white display frame instead of the black Apple used in last year’s Pro version.

The new MacBook Air should also support MagSafe charging, but it won’t get all the ports that the new Pro has. The 2022 Air should be thinner than the Pro model.

Also interesting are the claims that the MacBook Air will be the first 2022 Mac to rock the brand new M2 SoC.

The renderings based on these rumors have indicated that the 2022 MacBook Air update will offer several exciting colors that fit in with the iMac’s approach.

However, well-connected leaker Mark Gorman said in a last-minute WWDC 2022 leak, that would not be the case.


He still expects Apple to unveil the redesigned MacBook Air at WWDC 2022. There is only one thing, Gorman said, that may have disrupted Apple’s plans. If the lockdowns in China significantly slow production, Apple could delay the device.

But Gorman said the rumors about the MacBook Air 2022 color are likely exaggerated. The insider notes that only four colors may be available at launch, including grey, silver, gold and blue.

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