Google gets rid of Android Auto for phone screens


Google has told Android Auto mobile screen users that it won’t work soon via an in-app popup message.

The application provides a simplified in-car interface from the Android system that is more secure to use while the phone is installed via the car dashboard.

This feature is useful for those who do not own newer cars with a working Android Auto version via the infotainment screen.

It is reported that this is not the first warning from the company to end Android Auto for phone screens. The company neglected it last year when it disabled it with the latest Android 12 devices.

People with older devices can still access the app. But Google hasn’t given a timeline on when the app will stop working. She also indicated that she does not have more details to share at this time.

This is a result of the company’s announced plans in 2019. Google wanted users to move from the Android Auto mobile experience to Google Assistant driving mode.

But the Google Assistant driving mode has been delayed until 2020. During this delay, the Android Auto app for phone screens became the temporary solution to using Android while driving if you don’t have a new supported car.

The app is an accessible solution that anyone can use in any car and get all the benefits of Android Auto.

But now users have to either install a new head unit that supports Android Auto or buy a newer car if they want to try out Android Auto.

Google is getting rid of the accessible version of Android Auto

Also, Google Assistant driving mode is not a workaround. This solution includes prompts that can be distracting compared to the Android Auto interface.

It may also result in users holding the phone by hand while driving if the Google Assistant receives a wrong voice request.

The search giant has ambitious plans for the auto industry. Android Auto for phone screens is likely to weaken them.

The company has a full-vehicle operating system called Android Automotive that’s found in cars like the Polestar 2, and is supposed to make its way into Fords as well.

This year, Google has upgraded the connected Android Auto experience, focusing on responsiveness and making better use of the car’s different sizes of infotainment screens.

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