Google unveils AR glasses that provide instant translation


During its developer conference, Google I/O 2022, Google presented an augmented reality AR glasses model, in the most prominent Google surprises during the conference, and the augmented reality glasses from Google appeared in a video clip that includes some practical examples of how to take advantage of augmented reality technologies through smart glasses, During the same conference, Google announced a large number of new products and features for its services, including its first smart watch, the Pixel Watch, and the new smartphone, the Pixel 6A

The video clip that Google showed of its AR glasses model shows some useful uses for smart glasses, in order to provide a vision on how to benefit from AR glasses in the future, as smart glasses appear that look like any traditional glasses but enhance communication, by providing simultaneous translation features. From one language to another, which eliminates the language barrier in communicating between people and each other, in addition to the possibility of converting speech into texts that appear in front of the person who wears glasses, which facilitates communication for people with hearing disabilities.


Google shares Snapchat vision for smart AR glasses

It seems that Google Google shares Snapchat and Apple vision of smart glasses or augmented reality AR glasses , as it, unlike Meta and its plans for Metaverse , plans to enhance the real reality with augmented reality technologies, so that the user gets a better ability to interact and communicate with the real world based on computing technologies. The company’s CEO , Sundar Pichai , said that Google is working to take advantage of augmented reality technologies to help users spend time focusing on what’s important in the real world.

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